Why Is Overgeared Manga's Popularity Increasing Day By Day?

Overgeared manga is based on the novel & story starts off with a virtual reality game known as Satisfy, which is invented by the scientist Lim Cheolho.

Overgeared Manga: Why Is It's Popularity Increasing Day By Day?

Overgeared manga is based on the novel and story starts off with a virtual reality game known as Satisfy, which is invented by the world’s top genius scientist Lim Cheolho and alongside with him his companions are also world-class scientists. Overgeared Manga, the main character of the manga is quite timid, flaky, selfish, who always cares only about money and easily feels jealous of others. Because the author set up the character in this way, due to which it was difficult for the readers to read the story..

As the story progress further, the main character Grid encounters various people and geniuses during his journey, he internally matures and his personality changes with the progress of the story. If the main character is described as quite childish in nature, at present time he can be called a mature adult.

Overgeared Manga basic settings and story line are quite similar to other VR based novels, but the most noteworthy and praiseworthy thing is the content development. The early parts of the novel aren’t much different from other similar concept novels. Like any other VR or gaming novels, it contains a childish element, but it is different from typical munchkins. In the early stages, the game progresses with the main character and main character received a unique class which is of a legendary blacksmith Pagma.

As, the story moves further, the main character expounds the game content and the level of the existing users dramatically increase too. Various stuff like Hidden talents, new players in the official rankings, classes that could break the balance all these sort of things are introduced.

This makes this storyline much more interesting. The main character grows internally and externally while competing with others and also hones his blacksmith skills. In fact, if we compare the simple and ignorant battle method in the beginning to his abilities in the present time all the progress, it is possible to feel that he can be seen as a different character and that he doesn’t seem like the same character, with the abilities he possess in present time.

Overgeared Manga starts off with a very poor start as it receives negative reviews, but as the story progresses further, writer changes his writing style which improves the Manga a lot. After which, it started to receive a ton of positive reviews and also engage excitement among readers.

However, at first main character’s behavior and personality was very frustrating, boring for the readers which caused many readers to stop reading in the beginning. For the readers who have gone beyond the beginning, it is very pitiful and tragic for them. As for the review of the work, the criticism was quite severe in the beginning, but the popularity increased rapidly after writer improved his art and writing style. As described above, the improvement in the author’s writing and the growth of the main character led to rapid changes in the comments.

Currently, its popularity is increasing day by day and a webtoon was recently released which is currently ongoing. However, there are many criticisms of the webtoon due to the various changes made, but still it is one of the best to watch.