The A-I Team

Hi I'm Anjali Mehta

Anjali Mehta

I like consuming stories and talking about stories. I also cats, however, cats do not like me back...yet.

Hi I'm Anjana Sanyal

Anjana Sanyal

Anjana Sanyal is an undergraduate student, pursuing English Honours at Gokhale Memorial Girls' College, Calcutta University. She is a website manager and content editor at Kloud9 magazine.

Hi I'm Charu Soni

Charu Soni

Somewhere deep in the blue sky, I live as a giant swan with glittery feathers. A typical fan of magic and a mad anime weeb. Simps over those Korean sweethearts as well!

Hi I'm Devashish Mehta

Devashish Mehta

A cat person who lives in the recluse of hills. Your typical anime weeb. Occasionally dabble at poetry and gaming.

Hi I'm Prashakhi


방탄소년단 좋아요~ #Happy BTS ARMY! Hopeful Otaku & Weeb. Watching Korean/Japanese Dramas since 2010. Wuxia/XianXia Dramas is Fun. Siempre estoy cansada ! (There's always time for Anime/Webtoons! )

Hi I'm Prerna


桜飛雄 Writer, Translator, and a lot into BTS. "Living a life in the world, there’s nothing that lasts forever Everything is just a happening that passes by."