Our Blues Kdrama | Which Characters do you Love/Hate?

Which character did you like or hate?

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If Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama kept you on a pedestal, wait no further. The April released Kdrama Our Blues replaced Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama and it’s worth checking out.

The TvN/Netflix Kdrama Our Blues has a multi-starring cast which makes us even more excited to watch the drama.

Some of the fans might have noticed similarities with Hometown Cha Cha Cha Kdraam, but Our Blues Kdrama is quite different from it.

The comparison between the dramas has no relevance. Our Blues Kdrama portrays the story of people in Jeju, their everyday lives, and their struggles. It’s leaning more towards slice and life and not-so-happy vibes, but Our Blues does have its own charm.

Actor Kim Woo Bin is returning after a long break with Our Blues, so that’s another reason to tune in! Our Blues introduced us to most of the major characters in the initial two episodes.

Let’s find out which characters in Our Blues made you fall in love with them or hate them because love and hate go simultaneously.

Lee Dong Seok & Min Seon A

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The Squid Game actor Lee Byun Hun is back to mesmerize us in Our Blues in the role of Lee Dong Seok. Lee Dong Seok didn’t have many appearances as the story focused on other characters.

Yet his short and firm appearance made you curious about him. Lee Dong Seok is a simple person very much driven by his emotions. He sells different kinds of products on the island and people seem to care about him.

Lee Dong Seok can be emotional and irrational as he got into a heated argument losing rationality when his customers tried to go behind his back. Pretty disappointing yet a strong performance to melt our hearts.  

Min Seon A barely made an appearance as someone acquainted with Lee Dong Seok. Actress Shin Min A is playing her role.

They did not have a very amicable parting after Lee Dong Seok made a pass at  Min Seon A, who seemed pretty upset.

Park Jeong Jun & Lee Yeong Ok

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Kim Woo Bin is playing the role of Park Jeong Jun, a fishing boat captain.  Park Jeong Jun works with Jung Eun Hui in the fishing market and is acquainted with Lee Yeong Ok.

Park Jeong Jun seems like one of the characters who are firm and righteous. He doesn’t like taking a stab at people, as others do at Jeju, and prefers keeping his nose out of interest in other people’s matters.

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Park Jeong Jun has no interest and felt offended when others were doing a dig on Jung Eun Hui. He felt irritated and left immediately.  

Lee Yeong Ok works with Jung Eun Hui and Park Jeong Jun. She is mysterious and has no issues trying to flirt with anyone she can.

It’s like she is intentionally trying to create a bad girl image. Lee Yeong Ok has some issues with her boyfriend or lover who constantly harassed her over text.

Her mood got weird when she saw the texts yet at the same time when she talked with that person, she was professing her love. The scene was weird. Park Jeong Jun has feelings for Lee Yeong Ok but she isn’t interested in him.

Jung In Gwon, Bang Ho Sik and Kim Myeong Bo

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Friends are supposed to make you feel good, not be nosy or try to ruin your image. Jung In Gwon and Bang Ho Sik are both acquainted with Jung Eun Hui, the loaded rich friend. Kim Myeong Bo works with Choi Han Su in the bank.

Kim Myeong Bo was quick enough to repel Choi Han Su and portray him in a negative light. The trio ruined the parade of Jung Eun Hui’s short-lived happiness.

Their intentions were right, but the method was wrong to expose Choi Han Su. They could have done it in a much better way, but this is Jeju, and that’s how people roll.

Jung Eun Hui

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The most endearing and sweet character in Our Blues is Jung Eun Hui. She is one of the only rational people in Jeju who like minding her own business and does not look down on others despite being rich.

The wealth and goods are the results of her hard work and she earned them with her blood, sweat, and tears (no pun intended). Jung Eun Hui was in love with Choi Han Su and never got over him.

Choi Han Su

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The main story in the first arc is Choi Han Su. Life hasn’t been easy for Choi Han Su as he got into huge debt trying to financially support her daughter in the US to pursue golf. Choi Han Su’s wife and daughter are living overseas because of professional golf, but this has created hardship and difficulties for him.

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Trying to fulfill the role of a dutiful husband and supporting father, Choi Han Su has become the number one public enemy. Choi Han Su didn’t want to hurt Jung Eun Hui, but he did it anyway.

Their friendship is ruined because of his half-baked intentions and lies. In the end, their story is over as Jung Eun Hui and Choi Han Su separate bitterly. Although Jung Eun Hui tried to show compassion and kindness, Choi Han Su regretted his actions and humbly rejected them.

A lesson learned a hard way for both of them. There’s a point you can’t help to hate Choi Han Su and his family for creating a circle of misery for everyone.

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