Our Blues Kdrama | What is the future of Bang Yeon Ju & Jung Hyeon?

Why are Jung In Gwon & Bang Ho Sik opposing Bang Yeon Ju & Jung Hyeon’s relationship? Why do Jung In Gwon & Bang Ho Sik Hate each other?

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One thing that attracts viewers to watch Our Blues is due to different storylines are carefully interwoven together which shows the life of multiple people on Jeju Island.

The stories show the different sides of every character and there isn’t a single one you can hate. Bang Yeon Ju & Jung Hyeon are currently facing a crisis as they didn’t think their decisions through.

Life can be challenging for the young couple who don’t have familial acceptance as the households are at war, almost despising each other.

The only rational and sane person is Jung Eun Hui, but she might not be able to control Jung In Gwon & Bang Ho Sik.

Jung In Gwon & Bang Ho Sik are destined to hate each other for reasons unknown, and their children are causing havoc, neither parent is trying to explain to their kids or try to offer a practical solution.

What is the future of Bang Yeon Ju & Jung Hyeon? What happened to Bang Yeon Ju & Jung Hyeon? Why are  Jung In Gwon & Bang Ho Sik opposing Bang Yeon Ju & Jung Hyeon’s relationship? Why do Jung In Gwon & Bang Ho Sik Hate each other?

What happened to Bang Yeon Ju & Jung Hyeon?

The only two people in a similar age group, from neighbors to rivals and now secret lovers didn’t have things planned.

Things became complicated when Bang Yeon Ju became pregnant and is nearly in the sixth month of pregnancy. Abortion is not an option without the consent of their parents.

Bang Yeon Ju and Jung Hyeon hid their relationship and not a single person is aware of their mutual feelings.

In school, both are viewed as competitors eying to become the top students, but mostly Bang Yeon Ju is dominating.  

Other kids think that Jung Hyeon might be Bang Yeon Ju’s slave, but that’s far from the truth. Bang Yeon Ju and Jung Hyeon tried going for an abortion, but things changed when they heard the baby’s heartbeat.  

Jung Hyeon is dead against abortion and wants to raise a kid.  

Bang Yeon Ju wanted to abort the unborn child because it would not be possible to disclose the truth to their parents and teenage pregnancy isn’t a joke either.

Raising children needs responsibility, stable income, and education because love isn’t enough to sustain everything.

Why are Jung In Gwon & Bang Ho Sik opposing the relationship?

Jung Hyeon and Bang Yeon Ju decided to come clean to their parents. As expected both Jung In Gwon and Bang Ho Sik flipped the moment they learned of the secret relationship.

It was utter chaos and a rain of verbal abuse at least from Jung In Gwon’s side. Bang Ho Sik was speechless and more disappointed than angry.

Rather than getting angry, it was required that both Jung In Gwon and Bang Ho Sik explain to their kids properly why teenage pregnancy can be bad.

Bad in the sense, it can impact the mother, and their mental and physical condition, and raising a kid is not a joke.  

Both Bang Yeon Ju & Jung Hyeon are aiming for Seoul university's medical department, having a baby will not be easy as they are still in high school.

In one scene, Bang Ho Sik was angry yet concerned as he talked to Jung Eun Hui. Having a baby and taking them to the workplace will only get them to being mocked by others.

Bang Ho Sik experienced the situation when Bang Yeon Ju was born. He wanted the best for her girl, but unfortunately, they didn’t have a proper talk.

As for  Jung In Gwon, he was angry and lashed out at Jung Hyeon and blamed Bang Yeon Ju. Well, it takes two to be in a relationship, so blaming one party isn’t really a practical solution.

Why do Jung In Gwon & Bang Ho Sik Hate each other?

Things became escalated when Bang Ho Sik had an argument with her daughter, Bang Yeon Ju.  

In a fit of rage, he told her to either get an abortion or leave the house. Without a moment of hesitation, Bang Yeon Ju packed and left home.

Meanwhile, things at school became crazy as teachers started mocking Bang Yeon Ju and Jung Hyeon.

The kids, however, seemed a bit more mature. Almost most of them wished them happiness. Bang Yeon Ju decided to stay at school while Jung Hyeon chose to drop out.

Seeing his son getting out of control, Jung In Gwon forcefully dragged Bang Yeon Ju for an abortion. Jung Hyeon arrived on time, all furious, and pushed his father down while lashing out his anger.

Shortly after Jung In Gwon arrived and witnessed the scene, getting into a fistfight with Bang Ho Sik.

It was revealed that they were friends, best friends, but the situation took a bad turn when Bang Ho Sik became addicted to gambling. When Bang Yeon Ju was young, Bang Ho Sik went to Jung In Gwon for help.

Jung In Gwon mocked him and called him dirt poor and used his daughter to get money. Hearing this,  Bang Ho Sik was heard because his friend said such harsh words in front of her daughter.

Sadly, Jung In Gwon meant well to Bang Ho Sik and was concerned about his gambling addiction but his way of saying hurt Bang Ho Sik’s pride.

Well, at least the kids reconciled with their parents in the end and things may become better.

Bang Yeon Ju talked to her father and agreed to support them.  Meanwhile, Bang Ho Sik and his son had a tearful conversation where they make up as well.

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