Our Blues Ending | Kdrama Watch or Skip?

How will Our Blues end? Will Park Jeong Jun and Lee Young Ok Break up? What happened to Bang Yeong Ju & Jung Hyeon?

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The TvN Kdrama Our Blues concluded recently. The Netflix Kdrama was a mood changer and is a good slice-of-life drama with good and weird characters. One thing’s definite Our Blues became part of the weekend lineup dramas. Now that My Liberation Notes, Again My Life and Our Blues have ended, thankfully we have Yumi’s Cells Season 2.

Our Blues had 20 episodes, and quite frankly, the drama was a relaxing and refreshing experience. Some of the characters may give up a lot of angst but there’s always Eun Hui to balance out everything.

The ending of Our Blues left a lot of feelings and might make you wonder if Our Blues is a drama worth watching or skipping, considering how dramas ending recently have left a very bittersweet experience.

Dong Seok & Ok Dong

The last few episodes were revolving around Lee Dong Seok and his mom, Kang Ok Dong. it was shown throughout the series Our Blues that Dong Seok doesn’t have a very amicable relationship with his mom.  

There’s always some sort of bitterness between them. Well, can you even blame him? The truth was brutally reflected as we get a glimpse into Dong Seok’s past.

When his father and sister passed away, Dong Seok was abandoned by his mom. His mom remarried his father’s best friend and that wasn’t the actual issue.

Her (Dong Ok’s) violence and abuse towards her son, Dong Seok was painful to experience. She beat him up and ordered him to call him his aunt and not his mom. That was too harsh and extreme.

After the remarriage, the son from his second marriage was abusing him and bullied Dong Seok as shown in previous episodes. Dong Seok’s mom wanted to visit her second husband’s death anniversary. After Eun Hui and everyone practically coaxed Dong Seok, he gave in.

They used his mother’s illness card to emotionally manipulate him. The problem isn’t exactly the mother-son dynamic, but the entire relationship is based on bad memories and lack of communication, and top it with abandonment and trust issues. Add salt and spices to his wounds, oh well.  

At least, Dong Seok was a filial son who obliged and took his mom and tried to do whatever she wanted. Her entire motive was weird, and no matter what it’s hard to sympathise with this woman, dying or not.  Their impromptu trip was a way to heal their bond, but as viewers, it’s difficult to forgive someone so easily.

Will Park Jeong Jun and Lee Young Ok Break up?

The brimming question that’s haunting probably everyone. Park Jeong Jun might have a tough family who may or may not approve of his relationship with Lee Young Ok. Firstly, Our Blues Kdrama needs a huge shout-out for diverse representation and for educating viewers with Down syndrome.

It’s a disability and the drama showed how people have a prejudice against people with disabilities. Wish society was a better and more inclusive place for people from all sections of society. Lee Young Ok’s elder sister suffered from Down syndrome.

The actress Jung Eun Hye drew all the pictures shown in the drama. They were pretty. One of the reasons we love Our Blues drama is it represented the stories of marginalised sections of society and captured our hearts with different feelings of warmth, honesty, and the bond of a close-knit group.

Lee Young Ok was not sure whether Park Jeong Jun’s parents will accept her and her sister. Jeong Jun’s brother’s girlfriend had a hearing disability as well. This made the brother a bit worried thinking about their parents.

Thankfully, Jeong Jun’s parents were warm and accepting. In the beginning, it looked like they were treating Yeong Ok harshly, but when his mom cried and accepted Yeong Ok showing acceptance and encourages her, the scene was heartwarming and can move you to tears.

What happened to Bang Yeong Ju & Jung Hyeon?

Thankfully, this couple was so much in love. They experienced less hardship as their family reconciled. Yeong Ju gave birth to a child and it was a happy occasion for them. Jung Hyeon was working with his dad and other places and planned to GED later. Go for your future and child-rearing!

The best thing about Our Blues Kdrama was the last ending moments. Thankfully, all the characters were back and it felt like a heartfelt reunion. Min Seon A was back to work and was getting work. It was good to see her make progress. Every character deserves happiness. Jung Eun Hui is the MVP in the series.

The actress playing Jung Eun Hui, Lee Jung Eun is an amazing actress who has portrayed different roles. Quite frankly, this was one of the best roles played by her. She represented different sides and so many emotions that it felt closely humane.

Eun Hui was strong, loyal and good to people. She had everyone’s trust and knows how to mind her own business despite being nosey, to a good extent. One of the best things about Eun Hui is how sensible and rational character she is, despite being so many weird and irritating characters.  

The last scene where every character gathered and worked together to play the games was fun to see. We even get to see Choi Han Sun visit the village. Our Blues is a must-watch drama.

Although it may not be that suitable for a binge-watch, who knows? It can be a light-hearted yet heavy drama showing different sides. The Kdrama is a hard-to-skip drama. Our Blues is available on Netflix. Happy binging and happy streaming!

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