Our Beloved Summer Kdrama: What Secret Was Choi-ung Hiding?

What secret is Choi-ung hiding? Has Yeon-Su &Choi-Ung rekindled their romance? How is Ji-Ung dealing with everything?

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama
Our Beloved Summer

Our Beloved Summer, is a Kdrama TV series directed by Kim Yoon-jin and stars Choi Woo-Sik, Kim Da-mi, Park Jin-Joo, and Kim Sung-Cheol, alongside other cast members.

The series has 16 episodes. This week the drama is back with its 12th episode named "Begin Again".

What Secret Is Choi-Ung Hiding?

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama
Choi-ung sharing his past with Kook Yeon-Su

As the documentary shooting comes to a close, we get to see Ung and Yeon-Su coming this far together.

Their love-hate childish relationship has transformed into something deeper and more profound now as they spend time in each other’s arms after Ung’s devastating confession the night before.

Since the beginning of the show, we've seen Ung struggling with his Insomnia. In the previous episode, also Ung used the dog as a metaphor to display his nightmares.

Ung tells Yeon-Su about his parents crying every year during fall and him getting nightmares about being abandoned constantly.

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It’s heavy stuff and the tender and emotional way in which the series showcases their love and adoration for each other is spectacular and will make your heart heavy.

His confession about him being adoptive hits very hard. This is the secret that Choi-ung was keeping inside since the last fall when he saw his parents crying.

With all this chaos inside him, Yeon-Su was his comfort. He was able to sleep peacefully beside her.

Has Yeon-Su and Choi-ung Rekindled Their Romance?

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama
The Romance is re-kindled 

It seems like Yeon-Su and Choi-ung can't seem to ignore each other of their feelings for each other.

The next day, in Our Beloved Summer episode 12, Ung and Yeon-Su act like teenagers again as she waits for him to call and he comes over to meet her.

Their interactions are just adorable and Choi Woo-Sik and Kim Da-mi are just so cute together and their chemistry is mesmerizing.

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Newfound love can be awkward and nothing says that much like Yeon-su and her overthinking.

She overthinks that things are awkward between her and Ung but when he comes over to her place of work, she is taken a bit aback but is pleasantly surprised.

The way she embraces him from behind, you will surely be left with a big smile on your face the weekend is truly too far away.

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama

He invites her over for jujube tea and as they laugh at his absurd thought, he gets a call and invites her to do something lame – they go to the gallery where he tells her that he hopes to hold a nighttime exhibition.

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He shared his plan to hold a night exhibition as a sign that nights are the reason why he was able to complete his drawings. He used to work all night, that is what made him Artist Ko-Oh.    

How Is Ji-Ung Dealing With Everything?

Our Beloved Summer Kdrama
Choi-ung checking upon Kim Ji-Ung 

Ji-ung has been in a real shitty mood and is also sick now. He’s been in the dumps ever since he understood that Yeon-su and Ung are getting back together.

Episode 13 Spoilers 

  • Ung and Yeon-su will likely continue to find ways in which being older and wiser allows them to improve on the relationship they had the first time. But will it last, or will there be hiccups?
  • We know how Ji-ung feels about Yeon-su, and how NJ feels about Ung, but can we see them falling for one another?
  • If not NJ, does Ji-ung have some romantic options closer to home? Closer to work, maybe? You know what I mean.

Ung comes to his place to tell him but he doesn’t feel happy for him and his jealousy is sort of evident, although it doesn’t seem like Ung thinks anything like that.

Ji-ung and NJ have dinner together to drown out their sorrows somewhat while Ung discusses NJ and the scandal with a slightly angry Yeon-su.

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