Our Beloved Summer Kdrama Ending Explained

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It's finally time to say goodbye to one of the best dramas that were released in 2021. Definitely, Choi Woo-Sik and Kim Da-Mi raised our expectations of a perfect relationship.

Our Beloved Summer returns with a penultimate episode in which pent-up emotions begin to surface.

Seeing Choi-Ung handle criticism maturely demonstrates how far his character has progressed, while Ji-Ung opening up about his mother and how he's feeling is another positive step forward.

The flashbacks at the beginning of this episode really help to show how bad Ji-Ung's childhood was.

I'm not usually one to pass judgement on parents because I understand how difficult it is to raise children, but there's no excuse for the cold way she treated Ji-Ung growing up. It's no surprise he doesn't want to return home.

Despite this, we're still talking about Ji-Ung's mother, and learning her death has hit him harder than expected, given how conflicted he must be – especially since he doesn't feel sad.

This is really well captured in this series, and Our Beloved Summer does a good job of portraying it through Ji-ung throwing himself into his work.

Why did Nu-A’s words affect Choi-ung so much?

The finale of Our Beloved Summer begins with Choi-ung still reeling from Nu-words A's from the previous episode.

The thing is, after being abandoned and then adopted, Choi-ung has always felt as if he is living a "borrowed life."

Choi-ung has felt like he's living an empty life, burying his own insecurities and issues by immersing himself in his drawing.

Nu-A, on the other hand, hit the nail on the head. His work lacks emotion, and it has taken these harsh criticisms to see this.

What New Decision Does Choi-Ung Make?

We return to the present after all this time as Choi-ung makes a major decision.

He's going to start over, with the goal of studying abroad, but he'll need Yeon-Su by his side. It's a significant decision, and Yeon-Su decides to think about it.

This decision is made more difficult by the fact that Yeon-Su has been offered her own job opportunity.

She's been offered a lucrative position that will require her to relocate to Paris and work with the team there.

That, of course, would bring her closer to Choi-ung, whose school is also nearby.

All of her coworkers persuade Yeon-Su to prioritise herself for a change, and after what her grandmother said about living her own life, it all boils down to a huge life-changing decision for her as well.

What helps Ji-ung To Heal His Broken Heart & Life?

While this is going on, Eun-ho is distraught over Choi-departure.

Ung's That wailing is only exacerbated when his severance pay arrives, which is far greater than he anticipated. When Sol-Yi sees it, she gasps in surprise.

Ji-Ung goes on a date with Park Dong-Il, who encourages him to start looking for beauty in everyday life.

It's something he's struggled with for the majority of the season, with flashbacks from the previous episode showing him scoffing at taking pictures of the market. He's encouraged to see the world through a camera lens, presenting life as it is.

Dong-Il also mentions Ji-lack Ung's photos of his mother. Song-Il only has one picture of his mother, and it's a group shot.

He expresses gratitude but urges Ji-ung not to waste his life procrastinating, persuading him to seize the moment. Ji-Ung eventually pays a visit to his mother in the hospital.

There, she opens up and admits she originally decided to leave because she was afraid he'd be as unhappy as she was. As a result, she abandoned him.

Ji-ung scoffs at her explanation and admits he will never forgive her for what she has done to him. No amount of pain can make up for what she's done. Despite this, she is still his mother.

He agrees to continue seeing her, but it's clear that the two have a lot of baggage.

Ji-Ung focuses on himself, even making a documentary about his favourite moments with his mother.

She sees him from afar and seems to brighten up a little as he smiles, reminiscing on those rare moments when he and his mother shared time together.

Did Choi-ung Confront His Parents About The Truth?

Choi-Ung returns home for lunch and speaks with his mother, who admits that she was aware of Choi-Ung's knowledge truth all along. Choi-ung, on the other hand, is her family.

With tears in his eyes, he admits he was afraid he wouldn't live up to their high expectations and be as good as them. Lee Yeon-Ok smiles warmly and tells Choi-Ung that he has never let them down.

What Were Choi-Ung & Yeon-Su's Final Decisions?

Choi-Ung decides to do what he needs to do to become a better person now that the air has cleared. So, as it turns out, does Yeon-Su, decides to follow her heart.

The thing is, Yeon-Su never has, and we can see from some flashbacks that she's always gone with the flow, but she's had some good moments regardless. The only person who hasn't noticed is herself.

Yeon-Su decides to stick with her current life and enjoy it for as long as she can now that she's living her best life. Choi-ung, on the other hand, is dead set on studying abroad.

Choi-ung promises to return and asks her to wait for him, despite the fact that the two are headed in opposite directions. She agrees to do just that, as the pair make their mature choices to better both their lives.

Choi-ung eventually goes abroad to study, whereas Yeon-Su dives headfirst into her work. The couple communicates over the phone, but Choi-ung eventually surprises her by appearing in the street to tell her he loves her.

It's a really lovely moment, and Yeon-Su is surprised to see him again. As Yeon-Su urges him to hurry up and return, the two embrace.

How does Our Beloved Summer end?

We then fast forward two years. Chae-Ran and Ji-Ung drive alongside the latter in a much better location. He's happy, and he'll be even happier when he learns she likes him. They're on their way to a book donation event, where Sol-Yi and Eun-ho are both preparing for the big event.

Ji-ung is also filming, and when Yeon-Su and Choi-ung arrive, he greets them with a warm smile. He's moved on from his crush on Yeon-Su and appears to be living his best life.

Alone, Choi-ung makes a risky decision, deciding that his storey with Yeon-Su isn't over. He proposes marriage to her.

Ji-ung is filming as well, and when Yeon-Su and Choi-ung arrive, he greets them with a friendly smile. He appears to have moved on from his crush on Yeon-Su and is living his best life.

Choi-ung makes a risky decision on his own, deciding that his relationship with Yeon-Su isn't over. He proposes to her marriage.

Our Beloved Summer concludes with a sweet ending that wraps up all of the major plot points and gives our characters a satisfying conclusion.

A significant portion of this drama has been devoted to healing old wounds and putting one's life in order before moving on. With that in mind, this K-drama has been thematically sound, and this final chapter neatly wraps everything up.

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