Original Anime Odd Taxi Premieres April 2021

Original Anime Odd Taxi Premieres April 2021

Odd Taxi is the new upcoming original anime to be premiered in April this year. Anthropomorphism means giving human-like attributes and behaviors to non-human things. This means any animals talking is anthropomorphism and Odd Taxi is set up in this way.

Odd Taxi
Odd Taxi

Many anime and even animation movies seem to take this approach of soft fluffy animals and portray them in a cute soft fluffy manner. On the other hand, Odd Taxi seems to take a more bold approach as can be seen from its teaser.

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Original Anime Odd Taxi teaser:

The first thing that can be deducted from the teaser is the animation style that appears to involve a lot of 3d elements taking a departure from the usual frame by frame animation.

The taxi is seen in a lot of different or I should say odd places that are composed together in a seamless loop. The narration of the protagonist tells us a lot about his attitude towards life in the anime.

He also talks about how everyone else is just passing their lives.  In the end, we see a billboard where characters are shown. The Story of this anime looks promising with its well thought out animations and hopefully a better storyline to go with the visuals.

Famous staff in Odd Taxi

Kazuya Konomoto has created the Manga.

Along with Mugita Kinoshita, who will be directing the anime .

Kazuya Konomoto Creator Setoutsumi
Mugita Kinoshita Director Spellbound (Live Action)
Baku Kinoshita Character Design Sensou no Tsukurikata

Characters in Odd Taxi

Kotokawa Natsuki Hanae Kimetsu no Yaiba (Tanjiro)
Shirakawa Riho Iida Love Live! (Rin)
Gouriki Ryouhei Kimaru Angel Beats (Hinata Hideki)
Kakihana Kappei Yamaguchi Death Note (L Lawliet)
Dobu Kenji Hamada ef: A Tale of Memories. (Kuze)
Imae Koudai Sakai A3! Season Spring & Summer (Sakuya)


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