One The Woman Kdrama: When Jo Yeon Joo Outsmarted Everyone

With so many enemies surrounding Jo Yeon Joo, what is she doing to deal with them? Can Kang Mi Na escape the traps laid by her enemies?

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One The Woman Kdrama is ongoing drama series featuring Lee Ha Nee in a double role. Lee Ha Nee plays Jo Yeon Ju, the corrupt but smart prosecutor, and Kang Mi Na, the abused but calculating rich daughter-in-law of the Hanju group. Jo Yoon Joo is doing a stellar job fooling her in-laws and living as Kang Mi Na.  

Although she is doing what she wants, she is redefining Kang Mi Na the way she wants. As if losing her memory wasn’t enough, the fake Kang Mi Na is surrounding by enemies from every side. The only allies Jo Yeon Joo has are Han Seung Wook, Lawyer No, and An Yoo Joon. Kang Mi Na’s sister-in-law Han Sung Hye is quite suspicious of her and even tried to test her by feeding her allergic food made with nuts.

Kang Mi Na in the Drug Trap

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The drug traders caught by the prosecutors gave away Kang Mi Na as the person who uses drugs, the prosecutor’s office came to arrest Kang Mi Na for alleged drug use. The tides were quickly turned because the fake Kang Mi Na or Jo Yeon Joo never used drugs in the first place. When she was tested, it was bound to come negative. Not only Jo Yoon Joo outsmarted her enemies, but she also taught the prosecutor’s office a good lesson.

Unlocking Kang Mi Na’s Tab

The Real Kang Mi Na had a tablet where she stored everything, every dirt and secret about her in-laws which she was planning to use as a bargaining chip. After so many attempts she was unable to unlock it and growing desperate. The tablet can be unlocked either with Kang Mi Na’s fingerprint or the pin set by her.

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Mi Na’s sly sister-in-law was growing way too suspicious and tested her to check her identity. Han Sung Hye caught Mi Na/ Yoon Joo in surprise and asked her to unlock the tab. She tried to trap Mi Na but Yoon Joo is too smart to get bested. Hours before she was able to reset the password and reset the tab. She barely escaped the claws of Sung Hye.

Tracing the Culprit of the Accident

When Kang Mi Na was going to visit the prosecutor’s office for getting questioned, she almost died and got into an accident. Lee Bong Shik tampered with the car and set her destination to the afterlife. Thankfully Seung Woon was with her and they averted the crisis. Thanks to her prosecutor skills and intuition, she found out the person responsible for tampering with her car.  

Catching Lee Bong Shik

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Kang Mi Na became aware that Lee Bong Shik was following. Lee Bing Shik tried to attack her but she returned the favor. He attacked her with a brick and thanks to that Yoon Joo’s memories came back. She arrested Lee Bong Shik and thwarted everyone’s plan to send Kang Mi Na into prison. Kang Mi Na / Jo Yeon Joo now had the upper hand to deal with the Hanju group and her boss Ryu Seung Deok.

Making Deal with Lee Bong Shik

After catching Lee Bong Shik she made a deal with him and made him give up information about the real Kang Mi Na. He helped the real Kang Mi Na sneak to China and disappear on the day of the accident. Lee Bong Shik figured the identity of Jo Yeon Joo and tried to threaten her to get out of the situation.

But as usual, Yeon Joo outsmarted Bong Shik and offered to send him to prison while getting the real list. Though it is unfortunate that Bong Shik was killed off in solitary. Although Yeon Joo knows it was not a suicide and Bong Shik was killed. The real question is who killed him?

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