One The Woman Review (Episode 1 & 2) | A Tale of the Twins

What's the twist waiting for the prosecutor after a princess style swap?

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September 2021 will be lit for Kdrama lovers. The weekends will be a bang with One The Woman Kdrama. One The Woman Kdrama replaced Penthouse 3. The mesmerizing cast of One The Woman and the good plot make the drama quite appealing. Lee Ha Nee is back as the corrupt prosecutor feels like her twin from The Fiery Priest is back. No pun intended but Lee Ha Nee will enter us with a double role. She plays the role of Kang Mi Na, the abused daughter-in-law of the Hanjoo group.

One The Woman had a good start. Like every other corrupt prosecutor, she’s busy doing the deed and trying to impress her superiors. But the misery is not far from her as a life reversal is awaiting her; soon to change her life.

A Scene from the show

Jo Yeon Joo, the prosecutor went to a high society auction to chase some criminals. At the very event, Kang Mi Na attended as well. Yeon Joo is surprised to meet her doppelganger Mi Na at the auction.

Whether Min Na saw Yoon Joo or not is still a mystery at this point. As she was leaving the event, Yeo Joo had an accident and somehow ends up in place of Mi Na. Mi Na is currently missing and whether she’s missing or gone from her own will is right a mystery.

Yeon Joo wakes up from the accident only to find her memories are gone. She has amnesia and her troublesome in-laws are sparing no effort to tournament her more. Mi Na has a strained relationship with her in-laws including her cheating and piece of a shit husband who’s busy have scandals and adultery. Poor Mi Na, explains why she would want to disappear.

Mi Na and Yoon Joo

Turns out that Kang Mi Na is the illegitimate daughter which is why her in-laws mistreated her. Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, Mi Na’s entire family dies in a helicopter crash. This accident and timing look very shady.  Enters Han Seung Wook (Lee Sang Yoon), the cousin of Mi Na’s husband, and her ex-lover.

Mi Na and Seung Wook were supposed to be married but a twisted fate ended up breaking their relationship. Mi Na ended up with Hang Sung Woon (Song Won Seok), the second son of the Hanjoo group. An Yoo Joon (Lee Won Geun) is Yeon Joo’s junior in the prosector’s office who is concerned about her disappearance. Hope to see more of him in One The Woman.

Main Characters of One The Woman

It was entertaining to watch Lee Ha Nee play an amnesiac Mi Na, who’s gonna teach these abusive in-laws a lesson. It’s evident from One The Woman Episode 1 and 2 that Mi Na gets abused by her mother in law. Starting from verbal abuse to physical abuse, she has to go through it all. Not only that, she is subjected to human labour as she single-handedly works to cook, clean and do chores at the Hanjoo household.

One The Woman might look like a life-switching drama, the princess and the pauper style, but it’s definitely more than that. Seung Wook has discovered that Mi Na is an imposter and the real one. What will happen to Mi Na and will she be successful to get her memory back is a mystery for now.

It was entertaining to watch Lee Ha Nee speak Vietnamese and French to torment her in-laws who are definitely at the edge near her. The church scene was priceless and she creates chaos and second-hand embarrassment for the scheming family.        

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