One The Woman Kdrama Finale Explained!

Being overconfident always has a price to pay. The plan failed miserably and Yeon Jo got caught at the scene. With the crucial evidence now at Han Sung Hye’s disposal, betrayal was awaiting Team Yeon Joo.

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After eight weeks, One The Woman Kdrama will finally wrap up. The 16 episode series was quite fulfilling to watch. The cast especially Lee Ha Nee was spectacular as Jo Yeon Joo and Kang Mi Na. Now that No Ajjushi has betrayed Team Jo Yeon Joo and sided with Han Sung Hye, what will happen to everyone? Why did No Ajjushi betray them or did he really?

The Double Trap

Being overconfident always has a price to pay. The plan failed miserably and Yeon Jo got caught at the scene. With the crucial evidence now at Han Sung Hye’s disposal, betrayal was awaiting Team Yeon Joo.

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Well, Ajusshi did become the pawn in the game, but all credits to No Ajusshi for becoming the spectacular double-crossing agent. This was all a well-concocted plan. Things were looking miserable when No Ajusshi drugged Jo Yeon Joo. An eyesore to Han Sung Hye’s plan, she had plans to eliminate her. This woman is a total psychopath.

Surprise Surprise! Busted!

Things were going way too smooth Han Sung Hye. She kidnapped Jo Yeon Joo by drugging her, but guess what. This was all part of an elaborate plan laid by Jo Yeon Joo and others to get her to confess her crimes.

Everything she confessed was broadcast live and the entire nation watched her downfall. This impacted prosecutor Ryu Seung Deok who was their official gofer.

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News has spread like wildfire, now it’s prosecutor Ryu Seung Deok time to suffer. He resigned but it was not accepted. What awaits them is jail time. Two more candidates will be joining chairman Han Young Sik in the prison.

Truth Card

Kang Mi Na has woken up and met Jo Yeon Joo and Han Seung Wook properly. They thank each other and express gratitude. But the Real Kang Mi Na has one more stop to make.

Kang Mi Na (Kim Eun-Jung) visits her mother-in-law, Seo Myung Won. Kang Mi Na blames her mother-in-law for all the toxic activities. She holds her responsible for not stopping Han Sung Hye from trying to kill her.

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Kang Mi Na finally discloses the biggest truth that her mother-in-law was unaware of. It was Han Sung Hye who killed the eldest son ruthlessly just because she wanted power and position. Even more shocking heartbreak was his younger son, Han Sung Woon was aware of the truth but never disclosed it because he feared his life.

Han Sung Hye really is a monster created by her family, especially her dad. The tables have turned now that her right-hand man Jung Do Woo has confessed after learning how she tormented his sister and denied her treatment just to control him.

Fake Suicide

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When things were crumbling, Han Sung Hye attempted fake suicide to escape prison. But she forgot she’s dealing with Jo Yeon Joo, the infamous prosecutor. Jo Yeon Joo caught her red-handed trying to flee the country. An Yoon Joon went back to the Seoul Prosecution office and became the star of the case as the media flocked him.

Happy Ending & Goodbye

Now that things have sorted out, Jo Yeon Joo’s dad was free from prison and got acquitted. Her dad and her uncles opened a second branch and seemed happy.

Yeon Joo had her true calling and went to Los Angeles with Han Seung Woo. She acquired a US license as an attorney and returns back with Han Seung Wook after a year. Another lookalike like Jo Yeon Joo is seen in the airport in the end.

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It was an open ending and fans can assume anything. The best interpretation could be a doppelganger of Yeon Joo.   Do watch the ending credits, it’s totally worth it. The entire cast of One The Woman singing the Motorcycle Guitar ride was funny!

One The Woman Kdrama has ended and this drama will be missed. This was one of the best comedy Kdramas of 2021 and nothing will be able to fill the hole now that One The Woman is over. Keep binging and have fun watching One The Woman! Until Next Time~