One The Woman Kdrama | Real Kang Mi Na is Back but with a Twist!

Why is the real Kang Mi Na back? Who betrays the team? Who's the unexpected ally?

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One The Woman has been quite entertaining us with Jo Yeon Joo playing as Kang Mi Na trying to bring down the Yumin and Hanju group. Things went astray and Jo Yeon Joo’s identity was almost exposed thanks to the DNA test thanks to her aunt and Han Sung Hye. In a last-minute twist, the DNA results showed in the favor of Jo Yeon Joo, does that mean the real Kang Mi Na got involved to thwart Han Sung Hye’s plan?

Han Sung Hye’s True Colors

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In a surprise move, the DNA test confirmed the relationship and saved Joo Yeon Joo from getting exposed, but this made Han Sung Hye more furious. The real culprit behind Hanju Fashion’s fire, Yeon Joo’s grandma’s accident, and Han Seung Wook’s father’s death was none other than Han Sung Hye.

This woman is truly scary and she even went as far as to threaten her brother Han Sung Woo. It was implied that Han Sung Hye could be responsible for her elder brother’s death and Han Sung Woo might be the only person in the family who’s aware of this.

The appearance of Real Kang Mi Na

The most shocking twist of  One The Woman was how Kang Mi Na was back. The real Kang Mi Na switched the DNA sample to save Jo Yeon Joo. Han Sung Hye is not an idiot and she was quite suspicious of her new secretary.  

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Secretary Kim Eun-Jung was in reality the real Kang Mi Na. She got plastic surgery to change her face and comes back for revenge. Kim Eun Jung or Kang Mi Na knows that Han Sung Hye is hiding something, searching for more dirt on her.

Real Kang Mi Na on Han Sung Hye’s Trap

It was no surprise either when the DNA test failed. It was obvious for Han Sung Hye to suspect her secretary Kim Eun Jung (real Kang Mi Na). Not only that the more she tried to hide her scar, the more noticeable it was.

Han Sung Hye caught Kim Eun Jung right on her trap and dared her to eat nuts. Trying to prove her innocence, she complies only to be cornered. Han Sung Hye is one step smarter. She already got the DNA results exposing her identity and becoming sure that her secretary was the real Kang Mi Na. Kim Eun Jung tried to escape only to be ambushed by the local gang hired by San Sung Hye.

Worse Fate for Jo Yeon Joo

Jo Yeon Joo and Han Seung Wook arrive at the scene to help the real Kang Mi Na. but fate had different plans. Police comes and arrest Jo Yeon Joo thinking she was behind Kang Mi Na’s disappearance.

Earlier Kang Eun Hwa (her aunt) registered a case against Jo Yeon Joo for impersonating Kang Mi Na. On top of that, her corrupt boss prosecutor Ryu Seung Deok ensured that she gets sacked from her job. Now behind bars and losing her job, Jo Yeon Joo is cornered and has nothing else to lose. On Top of that, An Yoon Joon is getting demoted.

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Although Jo Yeon Jo is back from prison, it cost Han Seung Wook all his Yumn shares to make a backdoor deal with Kang Eun Hwa.  she dropped the charges against Jo Yeon Joo in exchange for the shares. Damn what the heck!

New Ally & Betrayal

Now that chairman Han Young Sik is behind bars all thanks to her daughter Han Sung Hye, the next person on the hit list is Kim Kyung Shin, the longtime Hanju employee and secret agent of the chairman. She always maintained a neutral stance but now Han Sung Hye is coming for her life.  

Jung Do Woo, Han Sung Hye’s trusted confidant is behind the bar confessing the crime on behalf of her boss’s crimes. It will be even more difficult for Team Jo Yeon Joo to prove Han Sung Hye’s crimes. The real Kang Mi Na is knocked out and in the hospital.

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Kim Kyung Shin handed a critical piece of evidence to Han Seung Wook that can corner Han Sung Hye. unfortunately, the betrayal from Lawyer No Hak Tae was surprising. He betrayed Han Seung Wook’s father in the past and has now sided against Seung Wook.

In a shocking twist, the recorder made its way to Han Sung Hye’s hands. What will happen to the plan now that No Ajusshi has betrayed Team Jo Yeon Joo? The answers will be revealed in the finale episode of One The Woman episode 16! Keep watching the series and enjoy!