One Punch Man: Will Charanko Get Stronger In Future?

Charanko is the ‘number one disciple’ of Bang. Bang is a class S superhero and is an expert martial artist. He also runs his dojo in City Z


Charanko is the ‘number one disciple’ of Bang. Bang is a class S superhero and is an expert martial artist.

He also runs his dojo in City Z. After his former disciple, Garou started beating his current students.

All his students had quit. Charanko is the only student of Bang who remains.

Hence Charanko becomes the number one disciple of Bang.

A Brief Analysis


Charanko is seen to be doing low-grade jobs in the dojo. His main motive to join and learn martial arts was to gain popularity.

Despite training under Bang for more than a year, his strength seems to be of an average man.

To save him from getting beaten by Garou, Bang throws him out of the dojo.

Unable to understand the motive of his Sensei’s decision, he visits Saitama and Genos.

Genos makes an educated guess that Garou might be the cause. Bang only dismissed Charanko in order to save him from more harm.

When Charanko returns after meeting Genos and Saitama, he meets Garou.

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Garou was beating the class s hero Tank Top Master and Mumen Rider to a pulp. He fights for the sake of his master.

The difference between their strength is obvious. Ultimately, he also lands up at the hospital with others.

Saitama goes to visit Charanko and the others in the hospital.


He also brings a banana with him. Saitama tries to gather as much as information possible from the others.

Charanko states that Saitama is no match for Garou due to the difference in their fighting styles.

Since Saitama has no formal knowledge about martial arts, he enters into a competition as an imposter to gain more insight.

Charanko in Future Episodes

In One-Punch Man, a lot of weak characters in terms of strength is present. Starting from Mumen Rider to King To Charanko.

If we draw a comparison among them, Mumen rider is actually the strongest out of the three.

With a great endurance level and a great sense of justice, Mumen Rider is actually the strongest out of the three.

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No matter what the strength of the opponent is, Mumen Rider will always protect the civilians.

Now, coming to King, he is a class s superhero in the hero association.

He is the tallest and resembles almost like a hero out of the above three people.

He is also known as the strongest man on earth and the heroes hero of ordinary citizens.

But all the feats he’s so popular for are Saitama’s fights.

In short, King has not won a single fight. His intimidating presence is the reason why the monsters and assassins forfeit before they even have a chance.

So, Charanko being the student of class S superhero Bang, might be able to level up in the upcoming episodes.

Charanko did not run away when he had to fight Garou all alone despite knowing the fact that he did not stand a chance.

A much similar trait that of Mumen Rider.

Although Charanko lacks a huge build body like King he is learning different forms of martial arts.

So, in the upcoming episodes, we might see both Charanko and Mumen Rider getting stronger.

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