One Punch Man Webcomic and Manga: Which One is Better?

One Punch Man Webcomic and Manga: Which One is Better?

There is a difference between both One punch man manga and webcomic. The One punch man webcomic is the official source of the One punch man story and manga is just the adaptation to the story that is present in the webtoon. So, we can say that the manga is the rough outline of  what is present in the One punch man webcomic.

The difference can also be noticed in the art style. In the webtoon the art style seems to be unrefined, it is quite cartoonish as compared to manga where the art style is beautifully done. No negatives to the author of the One punch man still as the story is mind blowing.

In One punch man webtoon, Boros appears to be weak as he say that with his final move he can eliminate Saitama from the face of this planet as compared to the manga where it is said that he can destroy planets with this final move. So, there is definitely a difference in strength in both the stories. As well as Saitama is shown to be little bit weak in the Webtoon.

The main creator the One punch man is One who created the One punch man webtoon. Yusuke Murata is the creator of One punch man. After reading the One punch man webtoon Yusuke became a fan of the webtoon.

Murata the illustrator of the One punch man manga is the one responsible for redesigning many One’s characters and rendered the original drawings into artistic paintings. So, the main difference comes into notice when One punch man goes into a lengthy hiatus but One continued to publish his story . So, that’s how two stories came into being side by side.

In One punch man webtoon, there is no mention of Orochi or Monster King but in the case of manga, the whole monster arc is shown in the One punch man manga. One punch man webcomic originally shows how the story progresses with Garou, how he became super strong and even after becoming the strongest being.

Orochi being present in the manga takes the story to an amazing level as it makes the story more interesting and on the other hand, story of Garou is still going on. The anime adaptation for the second season of the One punch man faces a lot of criticism for its art style as it seems to be rushed and is not as good as the first season.


One punch man vs blast

In the webcomic we don’t particularly get to know about the strongest superhero i.e  Blast. There was only some rumour about him floating here and there, which isn’t in the case of the manga. In the manga as the story moves forward there is a pink with the Blast and his face is also revealed now as well as some of his abilities too. So, definitely manga adds a different charm to the One punch man story.

In the webtoon there is also a big difference that Saitama and Flash didn’t meet but in the manga both Saitama and Flash meet as well as have conversation with each other. In the webtoon after the monster arc there comes new generation and there is a fight between Tatsumaki and Saitama but in the manga different story is going on.

There are also some slight changes in the manga like in the manga sonic comes from a shadow but in the webcomic Sonic comes from behind a tree. As well as Boris don’t kicks Saitama to the moon which is one of the best scene in anime. In the webtoon the new generation of the heroes leader is said to be the son of the Blast but he is never introduced in the webcomic.

In the webtoon Genos doesn’t put his arc in his hand which is shown in the manga during the meteorite scene. In that scene in the manga Genos put all of his energy in his arm and shoots lazer on the meteorite. In the webtoon Garou is asked to kill 100 humans which is opposite to what he is asked in the manga.

So, in the manga he is asked to kill one superhero. Garou fights against Tatsumaki and beats the second most powerful superhero and Garou began to evolve even further into a monster due to the rage build inside him but this is not the case with One punch man manga as in the manga there is no fight between Tatsumaki and Garou until now.

I am a huge fan of One’s drawings as it seems more compelling and more liking to my taste. One punch man manga seems like any normal manga with beautiful illustrations. No negatives towards the manga but it totally depends on the taste of the person if a person likes manga he or she can read that.

One is the original author of the One punch man so from the starting from where i began to start reading about One punch man i always read the webtoon. It is not like that manga is bad but the manga is converted after a lot of changes in the original story.

The scene where Garou eats monster cell is not shown in the manga but it is shown quite dramatically in the webtoon. It is his continuous struggle between him and his brain whether to eat it or not. Until now he have always relied on his own strength and even when the monster association members helps Garou he became very irritated due to the fat that he have been helped.

But in the dire situation where his life is on the line and he wants to have his revenge very badly he finally consumes the monster cells which shows how a person can goes to far long length in order to achieve something if he or she decides on that.

So, it is basically on the readers whether they like webtoon or manga more.