One Punch Man: Top 5 Iconic Punches of Saitama

Anyone who has seen One Punch Man knows Saitama is one of the best OP characters in the world of anime. He makes One Punch Man a parody of the shonen anime

One Punch Man: Top 5 Iconic Punches of Saitama

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Anyone who has seen One Punch Man knows Saitama is one of the best OP characters in the world of anime. He makes One Punch Man a parody of the shonen anime. He can destroy any enemy no matter how powerful it is by a single punch. But also be bored with being the strongest. Let’s have a look at the top five iconic punches of Saitama.

 # Saitama’s fight against Carnage Kabuto

One Punch Man saitama
Carnage Kabuto Gets Destroyed

Genos did try to kill Kabuto but he was unsuccessful. Saitama comes in the fight to defend him. Kabuto then shifts to Carnage Kabuto mode where it can be in this state for a week. Realising that the sale in the supermarket is going on at the present moment, he kills Carnage Kabuto with one punch. One of the key moments in this fight was the secret behind Saitama’s power revealed by himself.
saitama One Punch Man
The secret was none other than to undergo strength training each day. The strength training included 100 push-ups, 100 squats and 100 sit-ups regularly. Along with these three times, proper meals a day and not using an air conditioner during summers would strengthen your mind.
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# Saitama Vs Genos

After Genos receives his new parts, he challenges Saitama to a duel. He also accepts and the fight begins. Saitama does not punch Genos but the impact is thoroughly felt by him. If this was a serious fight, Genos would have wounded up dead.

# Saitama punches the Meteor

One Punch Man saitama
If by now you haven’t figured it out, this fight will help you. Saitama, although a human has got supernatural strength. His one-punch breaks the meteor completely. Bang and Genos are both impressed by this. Not only Bang and Genos but all the viewers also. Although some parts of the city got smashed, no casualties were reported.
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# The Fight between Saitama and Boros

saitama One Punch Man
Saitama doesn’t destroy Boros with just one punch. He lets Boros enjoy the battle by hitting several low power punches. Due to the regeneration power of Boros, the fight could last a few minutes. But he finishes Boros off with a ‘final serious punch’. If Saitama would have been serious from the first punch in the battle. Boros would have died at the same moment no matter how great his regenerative power was.
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# Saitama and Centichoro

Saitama One Punch Man
Centichoro Gets Destroyed

Centichoro attacks when Garou fights Bang and Bomb. Before this, Garou has already injured five heroes. Those five were unconscious when Centichoro attacked. Although Bang and Bomb injure Centichoro, it sheds the damaged armour and regenerates itself. Bang and Bomb carry injured Genos and the other unconscious heroes. It turns out that Centichoro was chasing them towards the city. To save the civilians from harms, Bang decides to fight it himself. But Saitama comes at the last moment to save them. He attacks Centichoro with a serious punch which kills it.
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My favorite punch would be when he punches the meteor. That punch just proves he cannot be defeated by anything. He does not struggle to win any fight. The only struggle he faces is that no matter how strong and confident the foe may be. It just takes one punch to finish it off. Hence there is no more room for him to grow any further. Comment down below to share your favorite punch of Saitama.