One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 9 Review | 'Unyielding Justice'

One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 9 "Unyielding Justice" concludes the chapter of the Sea King.

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One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 9 Review | 'Unyielding Justice'

Episode 8 left us on a cliffhanger and curious about what comes next. One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 9 “Unyielding Justice” concludes the chapter of the Sea King. Saitama is ready to knock out the Sea King and put him in his place. Let’s review Episode 9 and find out how the heroes will tackle the threat.


One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 9 opens with Genos challenging the Sea King. They have a disastrous fight that left Genos in ruins. He gets bested by the Sea King and now all hopes hang on Saitama. Mumen rider hurries off to the battle location whereas the HQ briefs Saitama about the location.

Even in the disadvantageous condition, Genos didn’t back down and continues to challenge the terrorizer. Playing dirty, the Sea King spits acid to harm a girl but Genos saves her, costing him injuries.

Unyielding Justice

Mumen rider arrives when Genos was getting knocked down by the monster. The Sea King was more powerful than they hoped for. He crushes Mumen rider, but Mumen rider was not going to back off so easily.

The heroes were struggling but they didn’t give up.  Perhaps this was the unyielding justice that didn’t let our heroes waver till the end. Even in the face of adversities Genos and Mumen rider were optimistic.

When the power-balance was tripping, the crowd begins to cheer and support Mumen rider. Sea King knocks out Mumen rider, driving off their last hope. But surprise! Saitama arrives in the nick of time to catch Mumen rider literally.

It was good to see Saitama keep his cool and worry about Genos even in this situation. It was time to unleash the serious Saitama!

Saitama vs The Sea King

Sea King launches an attack and punches Saitama’s head, only to not affect Saitama at all. He acknowledges Saitama as a worthy contender and how he is different from the rest of the heroes. The crowd is surprised as well and their hope rises.

Saitama is the answer to this threat. We see some more flaunting from the Sea King but Saitama doesn’t give a care. With one punch, Saitama knocks the life out of the self-proclaimed king. Sonic is back with his weapons, but the fight is over!

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Saitama – The Selfless Hero

The crowd starts cheering Saitama but the praises were short-lived. A mail from Hero Association arrives for Saitama and Genos. Surprisingly there was a letter for Saitama. , it was a threat letter to Saitama, calling him a cheater. But Saitama remains unfazed and stops the agitated Genos.

One Punch Man vs Sea King

The scene shifts back post-fight. Someone from the crowd starts dissing the heroes and claims that the Sea King was weak. Not only that he isn’t satisfied with Saitama and rallies the crowd against Saitama. But Saitama shocks us even more.

Saitama gives the credits to other heroes and admits that they wore the monster down. As the monster got tired from fighting all the other heroes, taking him down became easier. Saitama’s selfless act wins our hearts even more.

Saitama ends up restoring the crowd’s faith back in their heroes but ends up a cheater. Is this what unyielding justice means?

Saitama receives a thank you letter from a fan. The Hero Association promoted Saitama to C-class rank 1. Saitama visits the HQ for an interview. They gave him two offers, out of which he can choose only one. One, he can stay in C-class and continue to remain at 1st rank.  

The second offer gives him chance to reach B-class but here’s a catch. He would have to start again from the bottom, which would place him last on the list.  Saitama chose to enter B-class and to catch up with Genos.


On his way back from the HQ, Saitama meets Mumen rider and they celebrate his promotion. Saitama thanks him for giving him a ride. With this One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 9, Unyielding Justice ends. Don’t forget the post-credits scene!