One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 7 Review | 'The Ultimate Disciple'

One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 7 is one of the most interesting episodes so far. What approach will Saitama take and what's happening with Genos.

One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 7 Review | 'The Ultimate Disciple'

One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 7 titled “The Ultimate Disciple” is one of the most interesting episodes so far. I’m curious to see what approach will Saitama take and what’s happening with Genos. Will we see any more new characters? Will Saitama finally gain recognition? With lots of hope and too many questions, let’s review The One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 7.


One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 7 opens with a scene of a meteorite charging straight towards the earth. The meteor changed its trajectory to City- Z. Genos arrives at the Hero Association HQ and meets another hero Bang. Bang tells him about the Dragon-level threat and briefs him about the meteorite.

Bang in Episode 7

The meteor will strike Z-city soon which means everyone should evacuate soon. Bang asks him to evacuate too, but Bang won’t leave as his Dojo is in the city. Soon after, there is an evacuation announcement and citizens start evacuating the city. Genos heads towards the meteorite landing point to destroy. The damage from the meteorite is huge, and it will also affect other cities.

Genos gets an upgrade!  Another S-class hero Bofoi shows up for his own motive. Genos asks for his help, but he outright refuses. He has no interest in helping stop the meteor or helping Genos. Metal Knight (Bofoi) came to test his new weapon.

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Bofoi in The Ultimate Disciple 

The meteor approaches near and Metal knight tests his weapon but it fails. Seeing Metal Knight fail, Genos has second thoughts and becomes uncertain. When he was struggling, Bang arrives. Genos tests his new prototype and despite having such destructive power, it still has no impact on the meteor. Genos deserves the title of the ultimate disciple.

Just when we thought that everyone was lost, Saitama arrives. Saitama charges towards the meteor and destroys it with his single punch. Bang looks impressed with Saitama’s immense strength. The destruction started spreading throughout the city. Hope it doesn’t backfire later.

Saitama’s punch saved the city but the shockwaves from the meteor destroyed the city. The citizens instead of thanking him were actually unhappy with him. The people were blaming him for the partial destruction of the city, but Saitama was not aware of it.

Saitama & Genos

Metal Knight and Genos moved up in the S-class rank and so did Saitama. Saitama rose to rank 3 from 342. This made some people very unhappy and envious of Saitama. Genos starts explaining the different threat levels to Saitama.

Et Tu, Tank-Top Tiger?!!!

Saitama went out to help and boost his rank. Tank-Top Tiger and his brother Tank-Top Black Hole appear in front of Saitama. They were unhappy and envious of Saitama reaching the top. Both the Tank-top brothers start gaslighting Saitama and provoke the crowd.

They accuse Saitama of being a fraud who steals other’s credit. They started manipulating the crowd to force Saitama to quit the Hero Association.  Meanwhile, Bang watches from the sidelines and admits how impressive Saitama is.

Tank-top brothers attack Saitama but Saitama defeated them. In a rage, Saitama addresses the crowd. He tells them that he was the one who crushed the meteor and if they have a complaint, they should speak up.

He wants to be a hero because he wants to not because he expects any appreciation from anyone. Genos arrives and asks him to go home with him.


Genos tells Saitama that regardless of public opinion, he will always follow him. It was nice to see Genos siding with Saitama. The ultimate disciple cares about his master after all.

Don’t forget to see the post-credits scene. With this, One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 7 ends. Hope to see Saitama and Genos in action in the next episode!