One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 4 Review | 'The Modern Ninja'

As the series progresses, the mysterious characters also increase. Let’s summarize One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 4.

One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 4 Review | 'The Modern Ninja'

“The Modern Ninja” is the 4th episode of One Punch Man Season 1. In episode 3 post-credits, a group of mysterious people investigate The House of Evolution.  As the series progresses, the mysterious characters also increase. Let’s summarize One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 4. I’m getting the hang of Season 1. Episode 4 looks promising!


One Punch Man Episode 4 starts with a protest and introduces a new character Hammerhead. I have to say Hammerhead has some cheeky dreams! He promises utopia with his underlings The Paradisers.

Hammerhead demands free goods for the unemployed and directs his displeasure towards Zeniru. Together with the Paradisers, he heads to destroy Zeniru’s apartment.

They end up destroying the wrong building. I can see Hammerhead has a lot of optimism. The bicycle guy helps a kid get their balloon.  Wonder what role will he play in this episode!

Meanwhile, Saitama is sleeping without a care in the world. He wakes up from his dream abruptly. He learns about a B-class criminal Hammerhead and his bald group of cronies.

One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 5 Review
One Punch Man Episode 5 revolves around the Hero Association test. Who’s the mysterious character that shows up to warn Genos. Let’s find out.

They are asking for unreasonable demands. Saitama gets alerted when he sees that the news station labels bald people as part of the Paradisers. Saitama gets enraged that they stole his look.

The Modern Ninja

Mumen rider

The bicycle guy, Mumen rider we saw earlier is a superhero. He confronts Hammerhead and his group only to taste defeat. The scene shifts to Zeniru and a new character Sonic. Sonic is a hired gun by Zeniru who is sent to eliminate Hammerhead and his cronies.

The Modern Ninja appears in front of Hammerhead & co. and they end up dropping like dead flies.  Hammerhead gets injured and Sonic thinks that he’s dead.

The Modern Ninja

It turns out that Hammerhead’s thick skull saved his life, quite literally. He makes a run for it but ends up meeting Saitama. On the other, we see Genos getting repaired. Genos admits that he’s safe and not destroyed because of Saitama. Earlier Genos has taken Saitama as his master.

Saitama clarifies to Hammerhead that he’s not here to join him. Instead, he wants to smash his head! Saitama defeats him without even putting in much effort. He lets Hammerhead live and tells him to reform.

The Modern Ninja vs One Punch Man

hammerhead & saitama The Modern Ninja

Sonic mistakes Saitama as a Paradiser and attacks him. But as if that’s possible. Saitama dodges all of his attacks, and it further irritates Sonic. Saitama accidentally ends up hitting him and thus defeats him. Sonic accepts Saitama as a formidable rival.

The scene shifts at Saitama’s house. Genos is back after getting repaired and talks with Saitama. Saitama ends up telling about the entire incident and Genos offers to kill Sonic!

Saitama is in shock because of the lack of recognition. People don’t know about him. Genos suggests registering at the Hero Association.


One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 4 ends with Saitama registering. And he also convinces Genos to register as well. Saitama will take him as his disciple if he registers. Genos happily agrees and together they both sign up.

In the final scene, we see Hammerhead escapes from the clutches of death again. Also, there is a post-credit scene, don’t forget to watch it! One Punch Man Episode 4 was quite hilarious, and I’m looking forward to Episode 5.