One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 3 Review | 'The Obsessive Scientist'

Episode 2 ended in a cliffhanger. One Punch Man episode 3 introduces the mysterious character from Episode 2.

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One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 3 Review | 'The Obsessive Scientist'

The Title of One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 3 is “The Obsessive Scientist.” Episode 2 sort of ended in a cliffhanger with unanswered questions. This episode introduces the mysterious character from Episode 2. Let’s get on to it and review this episode and see who is the mysterious character & what will he bring in this episode for us?


One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 3

One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 3 starts with a flashback.  Turns out that he was a promising researcher who wanted to work on Artificial Human Evolution. His greed and obsession led him astray.

He didn’t get any support while he was young but he didn’t give up and finally became successful when he became old. So what does the Obsessive Scientist wants?!

Firstly he regained his youth. Secondly, he started creating his clones. And finally, he started experimenting in his lab which brings us to the present situation. He named his lab “The House of Evolution” where our heroes will head soon.

Gorilla’s boss has become interested in Saitama’s body for human research and evolution. The Gorilla ends up spilling all the information and Saitama and Genos decide to pay him a visit.

The Obsessive Scientist

In One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 3, the scene shifts to the House of evolution where the clones and the doctor receive the Gorilla’s report. In a panicked state, Genus decides to release Carnage Kabuto to protect his research from Saitama.

Saitama and Genos arrive at the lab and baam! Impatient Genos decides to blow the place away. Good job Genos!

Unleashing The beast!

Doctor Genus visits Carnage Kabuto but it turns out that was a clone. He immediately kills the clone. The real doctor appears in front of him and they have a little chat.

He created Carnage Kabuto but locked him away because he was unstable and uncontrollable. Genus baits Kabuto by showing him about Saitama and feeding his ego.

Elsewhere, Saitama and Genos head towards the basement until Genos senses a strong presence. In excitement, Kabuto charges towards them and attacks Genos. Poor Genos ends up crushed in a wall!

Carnage Kabuto vs Genos

Episode 3 - The Obsessive Scientist

Kabuto makes his introduction and together with them, they head to the combat experimentation room. Kabuto seems like a very talkative chap. Before they can start a fight guess who shows up! Genos is alive and kicking! That was a short and good fight between Kabuto and Genos, but he was no match for him.

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As the series progresses, the mysterious characters also increase. Let’s summarize One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 4.

In One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 3,We see another flashback when Doctor Genus was young. He puts all his faith in Kabuto I guess. In an injured state, he reaches the experimentation room to observe Saitama.

Carnage Kabuto vs Saitama

Kabuto attacks Saitama but stops at the last moment as he felt his strong power. Saitama discloses his secret behind his immense power. It turns out that Saitama trained rigorously every single day without fail. Genos becomes pissed off listening about his intense training regiment.

Kabuto declares rampage for a week and attacks Saitama. Saitama finally snaps, gets furious, and decimates Kabuto. That was so precious! Attending a sale day is more important than fighting monsters.


With this, One Punch Man Season 1 Episode 3 ends. Saitama defeats Kabuto and with Genos he heads away to attend supermarket sale day. Meanwhile, Dr. Genus is speechless and admits defeat after seeing Saitama. Episode 3 was hilarious and exciting.