One Piece: Why did Pudding take Sanji's memories?

What memories of Sanji did Charlotte Pudding erase?

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One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. This manga series tells a story about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who ate a devil fruit when he was 7. Because of the devil fruit, Luffy gained rubber-like properties in his body.

He and his pirate crew were in search of a mysterious treasure called One piece. Every character in the manga series has been beautifully written and expressed. But there are a lot of questions about who Pudding is? Why did Pudding erase Sanji’s memories? And what memories did she particularly erase?

Who is Pudding in one piece?

Charlotte Pudding is the 35th daughter and 76th child of the Charlotte family, an officer of Big Mom Pirates. A hybrid between a human and a member of the three eye tribe. She was initially an enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates. But she switched sides as she was pretending to be in love with Sanji and wanted to help all of them to escape from her mom.

Sanji and Charlotte Pudding

Sanji with Pudding

Charlotte Pudding pretended to fall in love with Sanji when Sanji arrived at Toto Island. While she was playing along with Sanji, she actually did fall in love with him. However at first, Pudding really thought of Sanji as nothing more than a pawn, but still wanted to marry him. She calls Sanji ‘Ugly’ and a ‘Failure’, just like his brothers do and even considers him unworthy of a proper prince.

Sanji in the manga series overheard Pudding’s conversation and was in shock and devastated. He came to know about her persona and the third eye for the very first time. Pudding and her mother were also planning to kill the whole Vinsmoke Family during the ceremony. Sanji was left heartbroken and he was left crying in the rain.

Pudding erased Sanji’s memory

As we see in Episode 831, Pudding was in love with Sanji after she played along with Sanji at Toto Island. It was a plan of Pudding and Big mom that they would kill the Vinsmoke Family at the ceremony. But in the last movement Pudding was not able to shoot Sanji. We also see that Sanji saved Pudding when the wedding cake collapsed.

Pudding aiming at Sanji

We have seen in the same episode of the manga series that Pudding gave Sanji a “Goodbye kiss”, but after the kiss, Sanji’s reaction was not as Pudding expected.

Speaking of the memories Pudding took away, she didn't take away all the memories of Sanji about her, as Sanji was able to recognise her. So, it's pretty obvious that she took Sanji’s memory of Pudding kissing him. She was literally heartbroken when she ran away from Sanji.

Also, she has been using her Devil Fruit powers for a while now but for the very first time, she didn't use her power as a tool for Big Mom. Additionally, this was the very first time Pudding went against her mom and helped Sanji to escape.

Pudding was selfishly fulfilling her wish to be with Sanji for the last time. However, she also selflessly sacrificed herself by taking that memory from Sanji.

If Sanji knew how much Pudding cared for him, he would have definitely taken Pudding away with him. Maybe Pudding would keep this memory of them as a keepsake. Maybe she knows she will never meet Sanji ever again.

I can surely say that Pudding is a True Tragic Heroine in this story. She was indeed selfish but we also see that she selflessly erased the kissing memory of her from Sanji’s mind.