One Piece: Top 5 Strongest Villains Ranked

Spoilers for the One Piece Manga. Who are the strongest villains in this long-running series full of pirates and their endless hijinks?

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One Piece characters standing together

One Piece is a Japanese manga series illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. This manga series is famous for its vast amassing of characters. Mostly all of the characters are very well written and directed. If we talk about the strongest characters in this manga series then you would be amazed to know that we have many villains along with the heroes. This is really not just about the heroes- but villains have also played a very astonishing role which has impacted both the viewers and even the manga series as a whole.

One Piece is one of the manga series which has the best of the best villains. The list down below would be enumerating, by looking at the cream of the dark crops, as it ranks the best villains in the history of One Piece.

5. Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote giving a grin smile

Donquixote Doflamingo is said to be the former king of Dressrosa and it's impossible for the fans to forget this well-written character. His arrival as the Punk Hazard sent a quiver down the spine of the whole G-5. At a very young age, he presented Mariejois with his father’s head. But when they denied him entry he began an entire campaign to mess up with all the parties of the world.

He has perpetrated many crimes that are beyond our imagination. He killed his father and brother without any kind of contrition. He screams evil.

4. Fleet Admiral Akainu

Fleet Admiral Akainu

Akainu stands against everything Luffy and the manga series believe in. Akainu is famous in the manga series for all the wrong reasons. He is said to be the Navy admiral, but despite this, he has no interest in protecting people. He is surely a believer in justice and his important priority is that his philosophy wins.

During the Buster Call on Aroha, he destroyed an entire ship that was carrying the civilians of Aroha. Also at marineford we see Akainu manipulated Squard into stabbing Whitebeard. He later on killed Ace.

3. Blackbeard


As this list is nearing its end, we will see the entry of the main boss villains. Blackbeard is said to be Luffy’s end game villain ever since the Straw Hat pirates enter the Grand Line. he perfectly planned his rise to the status of Yonko, which proclaims his intelligence. He is the only character who has two Devil Fruits, Gura Gura No Mi and Yami Yami No Mi.

In this manga series, we also see that he is the reason for the death of Ace Whitebeard and thousands of innocent people. He is said to be the most feared criminal of the world, no wonder how badly the world government wants to get rid of him.

2. Crocodile


Crocodile is one of the few villains who have defeated Luffy. Not to mention, he defeated Luffy not once but twice. Like Doflamingo, even Crocodile have conquered an entire nation. He is said to be the most talented fighter. Crocodiles' reputation is the most important reason why Doflamingo wanted to form a team with him. Also, Crocodile is one of the few pirates who have pushed Luffy to his absolute limit.

The crocodile was one of the most important characters in One Piece's Marineford Arc. Although he wanted to take Whitebeard's head as the Arc progressed. He became a likable character as he saved Ace and Luffy on many different occasions too.

1. Big Mom

Big Mom

Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom is the main antagonist of the Whole Cake Island arc. She has the power of Soru Soru No Mi which gives her the ability to steal others' souls and transform them into inanimate objects. It is seen in the manga series that Big Mom was a very dangerous and steamrolling force of nature that the Straw Hats had to handle at almost every interaction.

This woman used to take everyone's soul as taxes. For instance, she took Zeus's soul out of his body and there are many more instances in the manga series. She also used to show her power by killing people. What else one wants in a villain?