One Piece: Shanks, Red Hair Pirates

Shanks aka “Red Hair” is one of the Four Emperors ruling over the New World. He was a former member of Roger Pirates along with Buggy

One Piece: Shanks, Red Hair Pirates

Shanks aka “Red Hair” is one of the Four Emperors ruling over the New World. He was a former member of Roger Pirates along with Buggy. Shanks gave Luffy his Straw Hat and inspired him to start his own journey as a pirate. He obtained the straw hat from Gol D. Roger, his former captain. The straw hat was a parting gift with the promise that they will meet again when Luffy has his own crew.

Shanks stands 2 meters tall but is still the smallest among the Four Emperors. He is tan in complexion and true to his name he has red hair. He has a scar over his left eye given by Blackbeard. The scar is his trademark which can also be seen on his Jolly Roger. Additionally, he does not have a left arm which he lost it after saving Luffy when he was just a child.

Shanks’ Beginning

He was a member of Gol D. Roger’s crew at the age of 9 along with Buggy. Roger revealed to have an incurable disease. But the Roger Pirates continued with their venture to go to the New World. Shanks, however, could not go with the crew to Laugh Tale because he stayed with Buggy who became ill.

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Laugh Tale is the last island, at the end of New World. Gol D. Roger named the treasure, One Piece, left on the island by Joy Boy. After the crew returned, Shanks asked something to Roger only to shed tears afterward.

Roger became the Pirate King and the crew disbanded a year before his death. Shanks as well left the crew but attended Roger’s execution at Loguetown. Later, Shanks made plans at Loguetown to start his own pirate crew.

Red Hair Pirates

Shanks asked Buggy to join his crew but Buggy refused. Later, Buggy started his own crew. Among his closest crew members are Yasopp, Benn Beckman, Lucky Roux, and Rockstar. His first recruit is Yasopp who happens to be Usopp’s father, Luffy’s crewmate. He heard about the most accurate sniper in Gecko Island and went there to make him a member of his crew.

Benn Beckman is the right-hand man and the most trustworthy member of Shanks. While Beckman understands how Shanks operates, he still gets amazed by his foolish actions. Lucky Roux is the one who shoots Higuma’s men who pointed pistols at Shanks’ head at Dawn Island. He is extremely loyal to the captain and along with Yasopp and Beckman, he is always seen with the red hair captain.

Shanks and Luffy

He met Luffy when he arrived at Dawn Island. He liked the village and decided to make the island a base for his crew for some time. Luffy became attached to Shanks and always told him to take him with his crew. To which he always refused, saying Luffy was too young.

shanks and luffy

On the day Red Hair Pirate were leaving, Luffy stood up against Higuma, a mountain bandit, and his men, who were making fun of Shanks. At the end, Red Hair saved Luffy and thanked him for standing up for him. Luffy declared that he will start his own pirate crew.

Also, he is partly the reason why Luffy has become the “Rubber-Man”. Gomu Gomu no Mi was a treasure that Red Hair Pirate crew took from an enemy. Luffy ate the fruit when the crew were partying in the Partys Bar. Well, thanks to him we get the varieties of “gomu gomu” fighting style.

We all are still waiting for the day Shanks and Luffy meet again. Hopefully soon!!!

Continue to love and support the pirates till then.

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