One Piece: Sanji, The Glorious Cook of Straw Hat Pirates

“Black Leg” Sanji is the fifth member to join Straw Hat Pirates. He is also the designated cook in the crew whose dream is to find All Blue, the rumoured chef’s paradise.

sanji and luffy

Vinsmoke Sanji popularly known among the fans as “Black Leg” Sanji is the fifth member to join Straw Hat Pirates. He is also the designated cook in the crew whose dream is to find All Blue, the rumoured chef’s paradise.

Sanji is the third son of the Vinsmoke Family from the Germa Kingdom. He is the only child of the Vinsmoke family who was born human. Judge Vinsmoke, his father, wanted to genetically enhance his kids before their birth. He wanted to make his kids perfect soldiers with superhuman abilities and no emotion. Vinsmoke Sora, his mother, took drugs to stop this from happening but it only worked on Sanji.

Sanji was born and grew up as a normal human and with emotions, but this made Sora weak beyond recovery. His brothers bullied him but he finally escaped after six months of imprisonment in his own home.

We all know Sanji’s past and the strength which he worked hard for. But in this blog post, I will be singing praise for his cooking skills. (cuz I got none)

Sanji and Cooking

Zeff, “Red-Leg”, the head chef and owner of Baratie took him in after his escape from his home. Zeff was previously the captain of Cook Pirates. In one sense or another, he is Sanji’s adoptive father and cooking mentor.

Sanji as a child used to cook for his mother. He once prepared a meal for her when she was alive. He ruined the food while delivering it to her in the hospital. But Sora told him that she would only eat meals prepared by him. This sparked his interest in cooking as a child. He taught himself to cook.

Later Zeff trained him personally to cook. Sanji grew up with exceptional culinary skills and became a culinary expert of the highest expertise. He is a connoisseur and has a strong aesthetic sense of cooking. He can prepare almost any and every type of delicious food thanks to his wide knowledge of culinary.

Sanji perfectly figured out the ingredients used by Streusen in the wedding cake only by the fragrance. He also shocked Chiffon and the 31 Head of Whole Cake Island when he figured out the secret recipe of Streusan, proving his sharp sense of smell.

Sanji has also surpassed Streusen in cooking skills. He remade the giant Wedding Cake in less than 12 hours while Streusen took several days. Moreover, the cake was absolutely delish that it made even Big Mom fall into a state of absolute bliss.

Attack Cuisine in Momoiro Island

One of his culinary achievements is Sanji winning the 99 recipes of Kamabakka Kingdom’s Attack Cuisine. Sanji revealed that the cuisine has a powerful flavour that builds up the physical side of the human body. He believes and vouches for the cuisine is the reason why the inhabitants of the kingdom have powerful physiques.

The challenge which Sanji conquered was to win against the 99 Newkama Kenpo who possess the 99 recipes while avoiding becoming an okama. Attack Cusine is not denied to outsiders but rather offered to them. However, only those who know the 99 recipes who have gone through “Bride Training” and have become a user of Newkama Kenpo.

Sanji uses one of the 99 recipes, Simsim Cream, a special whipped cream to prepare a cake to calm Big Mom. The cream is so delicious that people can nearly die from absolute bliss after eating it.


Sanji is very proud of his culinary skills and respects the art of cooking. He has made a rule of never using knives in a fight. However, he uses knives against Wanze’s ramen armor. Sanji used a pair of kitchen knives and perform Epluchage, that is, “to peel away skin”. Also, he demonstrated his skilled swordsmanship and dexterity in wielding swords.

  • Sanji’s own Jolly Roger has a right curly eyebrow with fork and knife replacing the cross-bones and a chef’s hat atop his head.
  • Whenever he is looking or talking about a beautiful woman, he has a habit of saying “Mellorine”.
  • He claims to have never been sick and so does not know how it feels.

Sanji is acknowledged by all the top chefs he has ever met and has surpassed them. Other than cooking, Sanji is a great support and an even better fighter in Straw Hat Pirates.

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