One Piece: Who is Nami's Love Interest?

The show is mostly regarded as an action-fantasy series, but don't you think that this series is more than adventures and fights? what do you think about a love affair between them? Maybe Nami is attracted towards Luffy? Maybe not.

One Piece: Who is Nami's Love Interest?

One piece is a Japanese manga series illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. This series basically focuses on Monkey D. Luffy, a young man, who gets inspired by his childhood idol, Red-Haired Shanks. He begins the journey with the East Blue sea to find the treasure and declare himself as the king of the pirates. The show is mostly regarded as an action-fantasy series, but don't you think that this series is more than adventures and fights? Is there any kind of love triangle between Luffy, Nami, and Sanji? Does Nami have feelings for Luffy?

Spoilers for One Piece anime and manga ahead!

Does Nami have feelings for Luffy?

nami  and luffy

Nami and Luffy have gone through a lot together throughout the series. Luffy has always respected Nami. Nami in turn cares for Luffy a lot and trusts him. She gets angry at him when he takes stupid or childish decisions, often turning violent against Luffy.  

It is also seen that in the series, Nami would often hug him and would hold onto him when she is feeling low. We see Luffy serving as an emotional anchor to Nami in times of crisis. For instance, he arrived at Zou when Sanji was taken away. She even cried for Luffy when he lost his brother in the Whitebeard War.

We can best describe Nami and Luffy's relationship as two people with different temperaments and compatible dreams working together as equals. Even though Nami cares and worries about Luffy a lot, can we really say that they harbour romantic feelings for each other, or is this all just pure friendship?

Do Sanji and Nami have feelings for each other?

nami and sanji

Sanji meets Nami during sous-chef in Baratie. He finds her attractive and pretty and usually flirts with her as he does with every woman. Nami is also seen in the anime taking advantage of him by commanding him to do her bidding, which Sanji seems to enjoy.

Nami often gets annoyed at his womanizing behavior and even beats him up for this on one occasion. However, it is seen that Sanji is always respectful and kind toward her. He is always there to help her when she is in trouble. We also see that when Sanji helps Nami, she usually gets emotional. She cried when Sanji saved her and the whole crew from Doflamingo and even when he came to save Usop from Jabra.

Also, it is shown that Nami was happy and could not stop smiling when Sanji caught her in his arms and saved her from falling to the ground. When Sanji's sister (Vinsmoke Reiju) freed Nami from the Smoothie's grasp, Nami even referred to him as "Sanjin-Kun". They both were smiling at each other all the time when Sanji took her away from the wedding. And she even hugged him very tight and was crying which got Sanji excited.

Who should Nami be with - Luffy or Sanji?

fan art of the three characters laughing

As we have seen in the series, Luffy has known Nami for the longest time. He is always there to save Nami from all sorts of trouble. However, the same goes for Sanji. Even so, we have to consider the fact that Luffy defended her against Alrong. He came to know that a fisherman named Alrong has conquered her homeland and was using her to get a huge amount of treasure.

He even forced Nami to make maps for his crew. If Nami would ever think of a person who freed her from this terrible situation and gave her a new life that would surely be Luffy. Even if we talk about consistency, Nami is paired along with Luffy most of the time compared to Sanji.

If we were to consider one thing against the Nami-Luffy pairing though, it would surely be the fact that Luffy is not at all romantic. He is always seen as the most disinterested, innocent, and even as an asexual character. It is a fact that Luffy has never shown any romantic interest or concern over anyone, not even Nami.

On the other hand, we see Sanji might be romantically interested in Nami as he used to flirt with her and even called her "Nami-schwans". Also, Sanji is shown to be an incredible cook which acts as a bonus point for Nami. Sanji shows an extreme potential for domesticity. Coupled with his apparent crush on Nami, he might find the way to our little navigator's heart!

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