One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy, Fifth Emperor Of The Sea!

Anime Apr 4, 2021

Monkey D. Luffy aka ‘Straw Hat Luffy’ is the main protagonist of our very own pirate anime/manga “One Piece”.

He is the captain of Straw Hat Pirates, one of the most troublesome pirate crew in the group of 11 rookie pirates. The 11 rookie pirates earned the name of “Worst Generation”. Luffy is popular for his straw hat which he received from Red-Hair Shanks.

Luffy is the son of Revolutionary leader Monkey D. Dragon and grandson of Monkey D. Garp, the Marine Hero. The captain’s current bounty is 1,500,000,000 Berries.

The press labeled Straw Hat Captain as “Fifth Emperor of the Sea”, after his stunt against Big Mom Pirates. The Straw Hat Pirates have gone against many powerful opponents starting from the East Blue, the Marines, Seven Warlords of the Sea, World Nobles, and now in the current arcs with Big Mom and Kaido.

Before Straw Hat Pirates

straw hat luffy

He was born in Foosha Village and left to his grandfather Garp for care. Garp used to throw Luffy in a deep ravine or leave him alone in the wild and other dangerous things to make him stronger.

He met Shanks when he was 6. The Red Hair Pirates made Foosha Village their base. While they were there Luffy would constantly try to convince Shanks to take him with the crew. He even stabbed himself under the left eye to prove he was tough to become a pirate.

Shanks though did not take Luffy with him, he entrusted his Straw Hat which he received from Gol D. Roger, as a parting gift and promise to meet again. After they left, Garp placed him under the care of Dadan Family in Mt. Colubo.

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Luffy, Ace, and Sabo

straw hat luffy one piece
In Mt. Colubo Luffy met Portgas D. Ace. Ace initially avoided Luffy and was cold towards him. Whenever Ace left the Dadan family hideout, he would follow him. One day Luffy successfully followed him to Gray Terminal. There he saw Ace with another boy, Sabo, counting money.

Ace and Sabo caught him and talked about killing him in order to keep the secret of their treasure. In the meantime, Porchemy of the Bluejam Pirates came in the woods. Ace and Sabo hid while leaving Luffy behind which got him captured by the pirates. Porchemy enquired Lufyy about the treasures but Luffy didn’t tell him anything even when he was beaten to death.

Ace and Sabo came and rescued him, and Ace beat Porchemy. The incident led to the three become friends and eventually sworn brothers. The three went on adventures while helping each other sharpen their abilities. But, their time together didn’t last for long when Sabo’s father took him back. However, people told the other two that Sabo died while setting out to sea by a World Nobel.

Though devastated, Luffy and Ace continued to train for the next seven years to fulfill the promise of becoming pirates upon turning 17. Ace, being older, left their Island to become a pirate leaving a 14-year-old Luffy. Luffy as well, left after three years and found his first crewmate Zoro.

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one piece

  • His birthday in Japan is Children’s Day, May 5.
  • He loves meat to the point that he smells like meat.
  • He does not kill his enemies but believes in punishing them for their crimes.
  • In every popularity poll, he ranks first.

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