One Piece: Is Luffy Finally a Yonko?

Yonko is a group of the most powerful pirates in the world. They are the second highest authority after the World Government and have bounties in billions. Let's find out if Luffy ever became a Yonko.

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One Piece is one of the longest-running anime and manga series. The manga started publishing in 1997 and the anime came out in 1999.

The story is given by Oda Eiichiro, who quickly stole the hearts of the public with his amazing art and story that tickles our fantasy. The story revolves around Monkey D. Luffy, who gathers a bunch of crew members to set sail and explore the world.

While doing so, he also wishes to find the legendary treasure named "One Piece" and become "King of the Pirates". Luffy sets out on his journey, gathering a group of people to join his crew.

What is a Yonko?

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Yonko or the Four Emperors of the Sea, are the strongest and most notorious pirates in the World. Their bounties are incredibly high and all are feared in the New World.

Alongside the World Government and the Warlords (before their disbandment), the Yonkos were also one of the three greatest powers of the world. However, now only the Yonko and the World government remain the greatest powers in the world.

In fact, as mentioned by Trafalgar Law, the only way for other pirates to survive in the New World is to either get under the wing of a Yonko or defeat them completely.

The Fifth Emperor

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The fifth emperor is the unofficial title given to Luffy after the Whole Cake Island Arc. In order to save one of his crew members, Sanji, Luffy infiltrated the territory of the Yonko Big Mom.

Luffy not only got Sanji back in his crew, he did so by defeating the top Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates. After that, Luffy's bounty increased three times directly, to 1.5 billion berries directly.

With such a massive bounty, Luffy was dubbed the fifth emperor among the four emperors of the sea.

When did Luffy become a Yonko?

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With the alliance of the Heart Pirates, Luffy finally took down Kaido and Big Mom, the two Emperors of the Sea. Luffy being the main character, contributed the most during the entire war.

Although, after the battle, Luffy, Kid, and Law ended up with the same bounty of three billion, it was ultimately Luffy who was crowned with the title.

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This is because Luffy's rise to this level is not spontaneous. He gradually rose to this level, with each battle being more difficult than the other.

How Strong is Luffy as a Yonko?

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Luffy being dubbed as a Yonko just two years after being a pirate tells us a lot about his skills. Not only does he excel in all types of haki, but he learned advanced versions of haki in the Wano Arc.

His conqueror's haki, which was already very powerful has reached a new level. He coats himself with his conqueror's haki and attacks his opponents without actually touching them.

Luffy's devil fruit, which was believed to be a paramecia type devil fruit turned out to be a mythical zoan type, Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika. The World Government has been trying to get its hands on this fruit for the last 800 years, but could never have it.

Ultimately, by the stroke of luck or maybe an elaborate plan made by Shanks, Luffy ate this legendary fruit that gives the user the powers of the Sun God Nika. Gorosei describes this fruit as the most ridiculous power on earth. With this, we can assume that Luffy's devil fruit is the strongest in the One Piece universe.

During his fight with Kaido, Luffy takes a serious blow that looked fatal. When all seems lost, he awakens his devil fruit, acquiring exponential strength and even overpowering someone as strong as Kaido.