Does Franky Respect Luffy?

Spoilers for the manga series ahead! Franky and Luffy did not get along at first, did their relationship change over time?

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Franky And Luffy

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece has received many prizes and appreciation for its storytelling, characterization, and humor. One Piece is all about finding a mysterious treasure. The story centers around A boy named Monkey D. Luffy who ate a devil fruit when he was 7.

Because of which his body gained rubber properties inspired by his role model. He and his whole crew were in search of a treasure named One Piece. Devil Fruit has played a very important role in the manga series.

If you are looking for a manga series that is full of adventures and mystery, then One Piece is surely the one! In this manga series, we have all kinds of relationships. But mainly we see that Luffy gets respect from almost all of the characters. Why is it so? Is there any way in which Luffy earned the other pirates' respect? Was he respected by Franky?

Does Franky Respect Luffy?

It is seen that they didn't like each other at first. Luffy didn't like Franky because of his role in the robbery in the Usopp in Water 7 Arc. On the other hand, Franky was angry at Luffy for destroying his house and biting up his whole gang. But it is seen that during the Enis Lobby Arc Franky and Luffy started kind of respecting and understanding each other.

They understood each other to the point that Luffy trusted him for the rescue of Robin, whom he was trying to save at that time. Because of this very act of Luffy trusting Franky for the rescue. Franky was moved and started respecting and trusting Luffy or we can say he started seeing him in a different positive way.

Franky seems to view himself as a big brother to Luffy. During the Dressrosa Arc, we see that Luffy asks Franky if he wants to eat  Mera Mera No Mi or not, but Franky says that Luffy can have it. Even though he himself stated that he doesn’t want anybody else to have the Ace Ability.

Franky has always respected Luffy as the captain too as he rarely questions Luffy’s captaincy. When Luffy’s brother Sabo told Franky to protect him, Franky was in tears and wholeheartedly accepted the responsibility.

Why was Luffy Respected By Other Pirates Too?

luffy, zoro and other characters

We have seen in the manga series that Luffy was respected by all the other pirates too. The Whitebeard Pirates always respected Luffy because of his passion during the battle at Marineford. Despite him being surrounded by people much powerful on both sides, Luffy didn't hesitate and kept on fighting for the arc.

Luffy was also respected by Nico Robin. Nico Robin appeared as Miss All Sunday. She was a member of the Crocodile group until she was tried to kill. She resigned herself to dying even after Crocodile was defeated. But Luffy wouldn’t let her die. This led to her building respect towards Luffy.

Rayleigh had enough respect for Luffy to train him. There is literally no way in which Rayleigh would ever offer his service to anyone. So obviously he saw something different and very unique about Luffy which forced him to train him. Rayleigh respects Luffy as the strong contender. Shanks saw Luffy’s ability in the very beginning.

Shanks also gave Luffy a treasured hat as well as saved his life at Marineford twice. Also, Luffy does have many qualities for which he is respected by all the pirates like his fearlessness and his habit of facing challenges and not running away, and many more things. So, it's clear why every other pirate used to respect him. Luffy earned all the respect on his own.