One Piece' Chapter 1030 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers revealed.

One Piece' Chapter 1030 Spoilers
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One Piece Chapter 1030 is finally coming this weekend, and we already have the spoilers, Raw Scans, and much more available online ahead of the official release. The new One Piece Chapter 1030 is titled, "Impermanence of all things". And continues the major developments at the finale of the war against the Beast Pirates and Big Mom.

One Piece Chapter 1030 starts with Apoo and Drake having a secret meeting where they plan to leave the Beast Pirates. Apoo Shares his concerns with Drake and makes a point that they can no longer be a part of the Beast Pirates because of the War. And they might even gain a lot by taking down whoever wins at the end.

While this is happening, Nami and Usopp find the torso of the little Kinemon running around. And they conclude that Kinemon survived Kaido's strike because Law had cut him in Punk Hazard.

Nami calms down the frantic lower half of Kinemon's body by drawing the crescent of rebellion on his leg because Kinemon cannot hear anything. After realizing that he is among friends, Kinemon reveals the location of his injured friends, and Usopp rushes off to the attic of the Left Tower.

Back at Kanjuro, he also seems to have somehow survived being cut in half because of what Law did to them at Punk Hazard. And here, Orochi calls on Kanjuro to end it all by lighting the weapons basement, to blow the Onigashima Castle to smithereens.

Following this order, Kanjurou uses his final breath to create a fire demon and orders him to head to the Armory.

One Piece Chapter 1029 left us at a cliffhanger, where Law and Kid were fighting Big Mama. And the One Piece chapter 1030 continues that in the most epic way possible. Law and Kid awaken their abilities as a last resort and finally start attacking Big Mom seriously. With his new ability, Law can attack Big Mom from the inside and Kid can make her body magnetic. Making them an even deadlier force for Big Mom.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1030

Because of Kid's ability, Napoleon gets stuck to Big Mom's head, and all the weapons in the area get drawn out to her. Following a massive influx of metals beams and anything made of metal flying off to hit Big Mom as he gets tangled up in a sea of anything made of metal.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1030

The great war has still not ended and the Straw Hat Crew, along with everyone at Onigashima castle, is desperately trying to win the war. And the finale comes at a steep moment where everything could be ruined by a single mistake from either side in the oncoming chapters.