One Piece: Amazing Facts About Big Mom, The Only Female Yonko

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Big Mom, real name Charlotte Linlin, is the only female member of the Four Emperors (Yonko), ruling over the New World.

She is the captain of Big Mom Pirates and also the matriarch of the Charlotte Family.

Big Mom is the queen of Totto Land.

She wants to turn the land into a utopia where all races can live in peace without experiencing discrimination.

Big Mom decades before forming her own crew of pirates was a part of the Rocky Pirates as one of its core members.

She is the primary antagonist of the Whole Cake Island Arc and also the secondary antagonist of the Wano Country Arc, in the second half.

Appearance of Big Mom

Big Mom stands at the height of 880 cm, with the physique of an obese old woman.

Even when she was 5 years old, Linlin was massive to the point that she was mistaken for a giant.

Big Mom has round orange eyes and wears thick purple eye-shadow. She has full lips sporting red lipstick and large round teeth.

Linlin has pink, long, and curly hair.

She has a tattoo on her left shoulder and arm with the design of a red heart framed by thin lines curled at the bottom ends which tops a far smaller heart tattoo.

Personality of the Big Mom

According to what Mother Carmel said, Linlin as a child was a truly kind-hearted and benevolent girl.

Linlin tried to help people and even animals. However, her good intention often ended with bad results because of her monstrous strength.

Big Mom is willing to use violence to force people when they don’t obey her commands.

She is infamous for destroying countries over small neglect. Big Mom dislikes when someone she invites to her tea party does not show up.

She kills the people precious to them and then invites them again for her next tea party.

Big Mom is so brutal that not only her own children Brulee and Opera but also Caesar, who is known for his maliciousness is scared of her.


Devil Fruit

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Big Mom acquired the power of Soru Soru no Mi after the death of its previous owner, Mother Caramel.

It is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit.

The power of this fruit allows her to manifest people’s souls as an ethereal substance and then.

She holds the soul as long as the victim feels fear. She can also steal the soul from the victim also take away their lifespan.

However, this power only works on those who feel fear.

As we see, Big Mom was unable to take away the soul of Jinbe or his lifespan because he was not afraid of death.


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Big Mom can also give life to any inanimate object by infusing the stolen soul on the object.

These soul-infused objects are called “Homies” and they have the ability to walk and talk.

Additionally, Big Mom can also use fragments of her own soul to create “Special Homies”.

These homies unlike the others are immensely powerful. Her special homies include Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon.

Zeus and Prometheus

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Zeus is a thundercloud summoned with her left hand, and Prometheus, is a sun summoned with her right hand.

Napoleon is a bicorn that she wears on her head.

Big Mom can combine the power of Zeus and Prometheus to manipulate weather and create massive storms.

Napoleon contains a retractable blade and hilt.

He can also receive information telepathically from other homies and relay them to Big Mom.

Big Mom’s current bounty is 4,388,000,000 Berries.

Big Mom has superhuman strength.

She can climb tall buildings despite her gigantic size and throws destructive punches.

She is capable of destroying cities, and sinking ships.

Big Mom also has super tough skin as she can resist cannon and gunfire without receiving any injury.

It is also been said that no weapon can pierce her skin.

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