One Piece: Bartholomew Kuma, Human Weapon “Pacifista”

A feared pirate, “Tyrant” turned a human weapon “Pacifista”, is a former Warlord of the Sea. Also, he is a former officer of the Revolutionary Army. But, currently, for the World Nobles, he is a slave-to-rent

One Piece: Bartholomew Kuma, Human Weapon “Pacifista”

Bartholomew Kuma, whom we know was responsible for separating Straw Hat Pirate Crew in Saboady Arc, became a cyborg and protected their Ship. A feared pirate, “Tyrant” turned a human weapon “Pacifista”, is a former Warlord of the Sea. Also, he is a former officer of the Revolutionary Army. But, currently, for the World Nobles, he is a slave-to-rent. Kuma stands at the height of 689cm and resembles a bear in appearance. Before time skip, he had a Bible which he always carried. However, after time skip once he became a slave at Mary Geoise he no longer has his Bible.

Kuma’s personality is a mystery. He is a calm and quiet person despite his gigantic and imposing figure. He disagrees with his superiors at World Government on their ideal for “good” and “evil”. Also, he has disagreements with the marines as seen when he lies about his victory over the Straw Hats in Sabaody Arc.

Bartholomew Kuma in Revolutionary Army

As it seems, Kuma is an incredible agent of deception. For years he worked for World Government while keeping his affiliations with Revolutionary Army hidden. He manipulated the Government to the point of receiving a position in Warlord of the Sea. Kuma though openly pledges loyalty to World Government, does not extend to Marines. He refuses to address Admiral Kizaru unless the order is from the World Government and refused to tell much about his victory over Straw Hat Pirates.

He knew Luffy to be Dragon’s son and mused to Dragon about Luffy having a loyal crew. He and Emperor Ivankov knew each other well. As Ivankov says Kuma hated the World Government. Kuma, as per Sabo, is a gentle and kind man who is respected by fellow revolutionaries. He asked Vegapunk before turning into a Pacifist to grant his final wish. His final wish as a human was to protect Straw Hat’s ship until their return. He asked Vegapunk to program this wish into his brain before he loses his own will as a human and becomes a complete weapon.

Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

Kuma ate the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi which gave him paw pads on his palms. He can use these paw pads as a defense against physical attack and also repel his target. As per Kuma’s own explanation, his paw pads can repel things at the light-speed. He can repel the air as well allowing him to attack his opponent with shockwave.

His devil fruit power can not only repel things but also pain, injury, exhaustion out of someone’s body. Even when someone has severe damage he can repel it out of their body which then takes the form of a paw-shaped bubble. The bubble is as large as the intensity of damage removed. Ironically he can transfer this pain to someone else body. As we see him make Zoro take the pain. This transfer can cause a huge impact on the person’s body, damaging a great deal at once.

Bartholomew Kuma can also use his power to send his target across the world. He encases the person in a bubble which protects them from external damage/obstacles when they fly towards their destination. He usually asks his opponents where they would like to go before sending them away. However, sometimes he would not fulfill their wish even if he heard them. To any outsider, it looks like the person disappeared. He sends the Straw Hat crew in the same way.

Bartholomew Kuma was once the King of Sorbet Kingdom. But, now he is a slave of the World Government as a punishment for helping Straw Hat Pirates.

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