10 Best Possible Ships In One Piece

One piece is continuously rewriting what romance actually means by bringing fans a new pair to awe over.

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all the characters from one piece standing together

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. One piece is an adventurous series, known for its storytelling, characters, dynamic movement, and many more things. The only thing that we can say was absent in the manga series was the slight hint of romance or attraction between the characters. Or maybe the fans of the manga are taking the small gestures in other ways?

Although, Eiichiro Oda admitted that romance was something that he would be avoiding. He is just not into romantic things or we can say he was more into adventure?

If we look at the one-piece side of the internet it is just flooded with the ships the fans keep assuming. Many fans of many characters are there on each and every site of the One Piece world. But really we should look at the list of the few ships in the series that could actually happen.

Also, one piece is continuously rewriting what romance actually means, like by bringing fans new pageants to awe over.

10. Chopper and Milky

Chopper and Milky

There is this eagerness that's running throughout the One Piece story. It was said that Tony Tony Chopper would never be attracted to any female because he is so not attracted towards Human women. However, this takes a turn when the Straw Hats land on Zou, and Chopper finds himself on an entire island of animals.

Not only this but he also meets a female reindeer Milky who happily accommodates him, as he was taking care of the animals on that island. Milky is a reindeer mink and a member of the guardian. She is a natural-born worrier and can use Electro ( a technique only used by the members of the mink tribe). As we all know that Milky’s appearance in the manga was for a short time and that Chopper was shown to be very attracted towards her rather than any other animal.

9. Zoro and Hiyori

hiyori holding zoro's hand

In episode 890 of the manga series, we saw that the Wano Arc brought a lot of changes and awe-inspiring moments for the fans of the manga series. The fans were extremely excited for a particular couple in the manga series, Roronoa Zoro and Princess Hiyori.  There is nothing particularly shown in the manga series but the fans have been excited with the fact that Zoro not only saved Hiyori but Hiyori herself held him close to her when he needed to heal his wounds.

Hiyori even trusted Zoro with her Father’s sword, Enma, taking its Shisui as her own. Can we say this was a cherry on the cake for the fans? We saw that the Pirate Empress has already fallen in love with Luffy, so why can't the Samurai princess fall for Zoro?

8. Franky and Robin

robin reading something while franky looks on

Let's talk about another couple in the manga series. Franky and Nico Robin, ever since the Enies Lobby arc, fans are running awry over the romantic tension between them.

Though there is no such clear representation that they were into each other, the two do have a consistent dynamic. Franky himself played a big part in Robin finding her will to live when they were both captured by CP9. We saw that Franky did many small parts throughout the series for Robin’s attention. As for the Thousand Sunny, the two adults make a strong pair.

7. Luffy and Boa Hancock

Luffy and Hancock

Here if we talk about a strong couple, we have to talk about Boa Hancock and Luffy.  Luffy came face to face with a tortured Warrior princess in Amazon Lily Arc in Episode 421. Hancock started to like Luffy when she saw how selfless and brave he was.  This changed her from a typical ice queen to a gushing fangirl, whenever she sees Luffy. And I think this is one of the cutest things ever shown in the manga series

6. Usopp and Nami

Usopp and Nami

Moving to the next power couple on our list, we have Usopp and Nami. As a part of the Weak Community, Trio, Usopp, and Nami are constantly seen together in the manga series. They are either paired for any mission or plotting the way out of a dangerous situation.

Usopp and Nami really did share the same Cowardly goals. They did have the same level of wits and cleverness that guided and protected them throughout the series. Putting all this together, we can say that they could be one of the most dangerous power couples together.

5. Sanji and Pudding

Sanji and Pudding

Whole Cake island impacted the series in a lot of ways, but the most important way in which it impacted the series was the secret relationship between Sanji and Charlotte Pudding. When Sanji found out that his family was forcefully putting him through an arranged marriage, he was shocked.  The wedding was arranged because the families of Sanji and Pudding wanted to unite the bloodlines of the Charlotte and Vinsmoke Families.

He was surprised because they found a girl that was a quiet looker but also seemed to share his interest and harmony for cooking. We can say that it was a match made in heaven until Sanji escaped Whole cake island.

4. Smoker and Hina

Smoker and Hina

Love is in the air, as Oda has shown a close relationship between two of the series' Strictest Characters. We all can make out through their first interaction in Episode 127 that there was some history between White Chase -  Smoker and Black Cage Hina.

This was later reinforced when Oda released a cover page of the two going out shopping in their free time.  There is not much shown about them throughout the manga series. But in all these instances, what do you think, will they make a good couple?

3. Shank and Makino

Shanks and Makino

These two names have the tendency to drive fans crazy. Shanks and Makino were seen to be very friendly to each other, during Luffy's origin story.  However, after the time skip, a cover page revealed that Makino had a baby and that the baby was “ his”.  Therefore there is no such clue, who “HIS” was. But major fan theory speculates that the baby is Shank’s, as there were no such major characters with which she had interacted throughout the series. What do you think of this?

2. Zoro and Robin

Zoro and Robin

Zoro and Robin have always been up in the air. When Nico Robin arrived on the ship,  Zoro immediately didn't trust her, signaling to everyone a tiny bit of a Love-hate angle. This shows that their love didn't start with Love directly, it took time. During Sky Island, episode 180, there was a very memorable scene of Zoro protecting Robin. Moreover, even during the  Enies Lobby, Zoro went into Asura mode, when Kaku mentioned Nico Robin. There are many tiny and cute interactions between them that have led to craziness between the fans of the manga series.

1. Luffy and Nami

Luffy and Nami

Why are they the most adorable couple in the whole manga series? As we saw in the manga, when Luffy first went on his adventure Nami was the first of the straw hats that gathered his attention. The first one of the straw hats that he ever locked eyes with Luffy.

Also during the Arlong Park Arc, Nami would personally call Luffy for help, which means that Luffy personally trusted her with his team. She would also appear several times in the manga with Straw Hats.

Also if you guys have noticed that Luffy and Nami were paired together several times in various adventures. There is no such clear signal that there were bonds between them but the fans would not mind at all if they ever ended up together.