Once More: Chapter 75 | Overview

Two peoples who should be together during their high school got separated due to some misunderstandings. After graduating they decided to teach in their same old school.

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Welcome back to the family of Once More. Let’s bloom our love once again, and bring back those delightful memories. Let us once again reveal our childish, caring, and loving side to our beloved ones.


Two people who should be together during high school got separated due to some misunderstandings.

After graduating they decided to teach at their same old school.

After seven years, the male lead didn’t recognize the female standing before his eyes as the girl he loved back then!

The two-faced male math teacher and the stubborn female gym teacher meet again.

Even though things are the same but the people and their feelings might have changed. Can those feelings that died long back return once more?

The misunderstandings in their high schools are now slowly revealed and a new chapter is starting…

Once more chapter 75 gives a brief on how the conversation between Bu Yan and Qing Qing grows and we get to see the sweet side of Li Bu Yan.

Once More Chapter 75

In the previous chapter, we saw how Bu Yan gets concerned about the stomach pain of Qing Qing.

He feels like a pervert because they ran vigorously and did an extreme exercise to the body which should be strictly avoided in such situations.

Regretting what he did, Bu Yan offers a warm bag to her and asks her to stay a little bit longer. She laughs that his mouth always ruins his personality.

He is actually concerned that people will always take advantage of Li Cheng Xi. That’s why he is harsh towards people.

In Once More Chapter 75 we see Qing Qing saying thank you to Bu Yan and also apologizing for her social media post.

Because of this post, she caused all the dangerous troubles for the twins.

If she had only posted the desserts it won’t be so troublesome but posting their picture looks like they are selling themselves.

Qing is actually sad to cause so much trouble for the twin brothers. On contrary, Bu Yan actually thanks Qing Qing.

Because of her post, there were lines of customers waiting to taste their dessert.

If it wasn’t for her, their business would have collapsed earlier.

Those people who caused trouble had bad characters and she didn’t have to take the blames on her.

He apologizes to Qing Qing for behaving rudely with her.

She is actually stunned to hear these words from Bu Yan. She says as they all are Xun An’s friends they should get along well.

She grabs this chance and asks him why he said that Qing Qing was brainless when they met first time even though they weren’t familiar with each other.

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What happens next?

Bu Yan reveals everything hidden beneath his heart.

He said that when she came first time with her boyfriend Xiao Fan to their store to buy cakes, he was constantly staring at his phone with dull and confused expressions.

When she turned to him, he pretended as if nothing happened.

When Qing Qing went out he suddenly picked up his phone and there was a girl’s voice.

When he saw her coming back he instantly hung up with that guilty look on his face.

Bu Yan knew something was wrong still Qing had a bright smile on her face.

At that time Bu Yan thought that Qing Qing was a dumb girl blinded in love.

That’s how the two of them hated each other. He warns Qing that her boyfriend is cunning.

Hearing this she replies that it was his ex-girlfriend and she knew about this.

This was the only chance that she could pursue the man she loved for so many years.

They were not in a relationship but she’s afraid to lose him and waiting for him to give Qing Qing a chance.

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