Once More Chapter 74 | Overview

Once more Mar 6, 2021

Love is blooming everywhere. The birds are cuddling with their partners, the cherry blossoms are showering like rain, and the air’s filled with love. The winds are mild, the water is flowing gracefully, and leaves are dancing along with the wind. This is how we feel when we are in love. Our childish, caring and loving side exposes when we spend time with our loved ones. Once More gives us a similar feeling while reading it. It embraces us with the delicate romance between the characters.

Due to some misunderstandings, two people who should embrace their high school romance got separated. After graduating they decided to teach in their same old school. After seven years, he didn’t recognize the girl standing in front of his eyes is the same girl he loved during his high school days!

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The two-faced male math teacher and the stubborn female gym teacher meet again. Even though things remain the same but the people and their feelings might have changed. Can those feelings that died long back return once more? The misunderstandings in their high schools are now slowly revealed and a new chapter of blooming romance is starting…

Once More Chapter 74

Once more chapter 74 gives a brief on how Yang Mu Li pursues Xun An to visit his house. He suggested Xun An meet his parents on the occasion of New year, but she refuses him once again. Let’s see their conversation.

What does Once More Chapter 74 says?

In chapter 73 we saw how Li Bu Yan was slowly revealing his softer side to Qing. They ran to the police station after a bunch of drunken were following them. Qing had a sudden pain in her stomach. Even though she took the medicines, Bu Yan got worried to see her in that condition. He messaged Xun An for other pain-relieving methods.

In Once more chapter 74, we see how Yang Mu Li pursues Xun An to meet his parents. Mu Li suddenly clings back on Xun An who was busily texting Bu Yan. She got confused why Bu Yan asks questions about women’s menstruation. Mu Li says he might be in a relationship. She’s shocked to see which girl he is dating.

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Mu Li says it’s no use to ask him. First, she must focus on them. He asks when is An An going to meet his parents. She should stop spending her New Year’s eve alone. She instantly refuses him saying what if his mother doesn’t like her? She would end up like her mother and no one will be happy by this relationship.

Yang Mu Li suggests she should visit his house after all one day they have to meet each other. She’s flustered and her face turns red. She kicks him out saying 3 months aren’t over yet, we will decide it later. Mu Li messaged his parents saying their daughter-in-law is too timid to meet them. His parents say they will find a way to meet Xun An.


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