Old Age & Tranquility In Hometown Cha Cha Cha Kdrama

The Hometown Cha Cha Cha korean drama reflects many beautiful themes and relationships, it also has soft and very attached scenes where old age seems very peaceful and considered to be an age full of warmth and stories.

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Old Age & Tranquility In Hometown Cha Cha Cha Kdrama
Gongjin's ladies

The Hometown Cha Cha Cha korean drama reflects many beautiful themes and relationships, it also has soft and very attached scenes where old age seems very peaceful and considered to be an age full of warmth and stories.

The Hometown


The village, Gongjin, is shown as a hometown where people are all family, with very indifferent yet warm personalities. This hometown has been shown to us by a mixture of many and different kinds of situations and the importance of many attached emotions, (like humanity, trust, etc.), Where people always look after each other and are always there in each others’ hard times.

It's a town that always smells refreshing with so much peaceful sound of water tides and waves as it is a town on the shore of the sea. It’s popular for many kinds of seafood and the best quality squid. It has been also shown as a town of its peoples’ birthplace and their home. Whoever visits their town is considered as their friend and gets to eat many delicious meals made by their ladies and grandmas.

The Village's Chief Hong

Chief Hong, Duk-sik

Even Chief Hong, a role played by Kim Seon-Ho. A man who seems to be extremely kind-hearted and has a warm charisma. He is friendly to everyone and helps everyone in Gongjin. He was the one who got all the love from his friends and elders. He was the one who had that feeling of having everything a man could ever want. But, later we get to know about his struggles and pain from his past and secrets that he was hiding from and worried how people would take his secrets. Still, the love and trust people had for him was more than enough from getting any second thoughts about his past and secrets.

Who is the most oldest lady in Gongjin?

Yoon Hye-Jin with Gam Ri-ssi

Miss Gam-ri-ssi, the oldest lady and the most loveable one anyone could ever ask for. She was the heart of Gongjin. A grandma who always wore a warm smile made delicious and rich love and healthy food. She was the one who had the moral values to give to whoever needed it. In Gongjin, she was famous for making the most delicious squids. Whenever you have an urge to eat crabs or squids or other delicious food, come and knock at the door of Gam-ri-ssi’s house and she will welcome you with a warm smile and openly invite you for the meal herself.

Gam-ri-ssi had the extreme conversations to make with someone who needed a talk and guidance in their struggles. She believed that the days she had live were the happiest ones and in her life, she had met many wonderful people who made her laugh and a wonderful house with her favorite people. According to her, life is meant to be very short, so one should stop taking many thoughts and put them into action faster. The people living in Gongjin treated her as their own family. Gam-ri might act all ‘why did you have to that’, ‘ah, I did not need that, ‘I could have done that alone, but inner her was always grateful to the people who were always with her, especially Chief Hong, whom she thinks of as her son and grandson both. Despite Duk-sik-ah's past sufferings, she was the one who saved him from taking his own life.

What roles elders play in ones life?

Gam Ri-ssi and Chief Hong

Elders are the source of happiness and the hard work they put in extracting the best squids and crabs, the loud laughter that can be heard while they work together. The smell of the food they made with their warm hands and the infinite love they put it in can be smelled the second you smell the fresh air of Gongjin. Every time a visitor comes, that person will never go with an empty stomach or a meal they didn't like.

Old age was the age of their happiness even though it also comes with many pain and struggles to go through, but it is an age when elders get to the stage in their life where they can sense all the struggles and hard work they have put in in through their life. An age where they can peacefully remember the memories of their younger self. Old age people have a broader perspective of life and they tend to make valuable points on it.

Is Old age is about memories and goodbyes?

Sleep over at Gam ri-ssi's house

In this drama, the aged ladies had a more joyous and more energetic aura of making a warm and fruitful environment among others. Before the death of Gam-ri-ssi, she told her friends that she was happy in her life as she got so much love and such loving people around her, and where she was enjoying talking to her besties.

It is amazing how old people know when they were called by the afterlife and in that particular time, they kind of have regrets and happiness and peace in their mind and heart. It is the time where they memorize every step they has taken in the past. It’s a beautiful age where a person grows old taking and experiencing so many changes and happiest memories and struggles to the end of their human life.