Bulgasal: The Immortal Souls Kdrama | Why is Ok Eul Tae the Most Pitiful Character?

Lee Joon played the role of Ok Eul Tae, the antagonist of Bulgasal: The Immortal Souls Kdrama. Why was the character so different from others?

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The Netflix/TvN 2021 Korean Drama Bulgasal: The Immortal Souls Kdrama had many characters that might make you an emotional mess. The antagonist from the series Ok Eul Tae was one such character who had several shades; both good and evil.

Although, Ok Eul Tae’s greed for power and ambition was one of the reasons for his hardships, he didn’t have it easy. Out of all the characters in Bulgasal Kdrama, Ok Eul Tae was the most pitiful character.

Actor Lee Joon nailed the role of Ok Eul Tae and was the show stealer for all the right reasons.

What happened 1000 years ago was the collective responsibility of all the people, including Ok Eul Tae. There’s no denying his contribution to the Bulgasal’s curse. However, despite that, Ok Eul Tae was one of the saddest characters in the series.

The 1000 Year Rejection

His miseries started because of the rejection and unacceptance of his father. His father, the warlord didn’t want him to be the family’s successor. This drove him mad and hence his actions.

Ok Eul Tae’s actions can’t be justified because killing someone is totally not right. However, had he been accepted by his father, maybe this massacre wouldn't have followed through. Despite the rejection from his father, it was equally surprising when Ok Eul Tae’s father stabbed the previous incarnation of Nam Do Yoon when he was about to attack Ok Eul Tae.

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This action was quite contradictory, because all his life, he didn’t acknowledge Ok Eul Tae, and his insecurity and inferiority stem from this act of injustice and prejudice from his father.

Possibly, this one act of final kindness made him spare his father who later reincarnated as detective Kwon Ho Yeol. Ok Eul Tae had several chances to hurt him or kill him, but he never harmed his father, well until the end, which was unfortunate.

The 1000 Year Promise

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The selfish and angry Bulgasal stole Ok Eul Tae’s soul so that he can reincarnate and take revenge on everyone. This was really sad because the soul never belonged to Dan Hwal in the first place.