"Ocean Likes Me" Web Drama | Holland Is Back With A BL Drama

Holland is back with a brand new online drama after a long hiatus. Keep yourself free. It's a BL.

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Holland is a South Korean singer whose real name is Go Tae-Seob. With the release of his single "Neverland" in January 2018, he made his debut. Holland was Go's stage name in honour of Holland, the first country to legalize same-sex marriage.

'Loved You Better,' Holland's most recent single, depicted Holland's life and talked about his road to acceptance in the song and music video.

He was in better shape than ever and was working on new music.

His music has a certain depth to it that reflects who he is as a person and throws light on society's lack of acceptance of individuals who don't fit into the heteronormative culture, which is ultimately toxic and oppresses self-expression and identity in South Korea and a huge part of the world. Now Holland has a new drama plus OST released and fans are all for it.

Ocean Likes Me

"Ocean Likes Me" is a soothing black-and-white romance story about a young entrepreneur who operates a store and dreams of starting a business and a failing artist who returns to his hometown.

This is only one of many BL dramas premiering this year.

Han Gi-chan, a former contestant on "Produce X 101," played one of the male leads in Korea's first BL net drama, "Where Your Eyes Linger," and has also been in the drama "Your Playlist" and "Find Me If You Can."

Holland, a solo artist, will most likely make her acting debut in this web series.

Holland is the first gay K-Pop idol, and he hopes that his art will help to extend the conversation in South Korea on LGBTQIA+ inclusion and illustration.

Title: Ocean Likes Me / Osyeon Raikeu Mi / 오션라이크미

Director: Lee Su-Ji

Writer: Team WolPi Dong

Runtime: From 2022

Genre: BL, Romance, Drama

Language: Korean


'Ocean Like Me' is a healing food romance between Han Ba Da, a young entrepreneur who dreams of starting an udon restaurant with a beach in the background but finds serving customers difficult. Ba Da then meets Tommy, a failed musician who returns to his hometown after wandering and has a new dream. Together, both of them step toward their dreams.


Han Gi-Chan as Han Ba-Da

Han Ba-Da only has one ambition in life: to create his own udon restaurant. However, he finds it difficult to service his clientele as a result of his charming but stupid persona.

Holland as Tommy

Tommy is a failed musician on the verge of discovering a new passion. He decides to return to his hometown, where he meets Han BaDa, an aspiring business owner.

Fans Views

Despite the fact that not much transpired, fans appreciated the tone and atmosphere of the program at the very least, it is aesthetically pleasing, and despite the fact that Holland barely spoke for about a minute, fans adored his attitude; he appears shameless and flirting... and we're all there to witness it.

Overall, it was a good first episode, and fans are looking forward to a more realistic plot. It's difficult to predict whether this will be a fantasy or a realistic plot because it's a Korean BL drama.

Fans are skeptical of the overall quality, and a number of the events that occurred in under a 15-minute window did not make sense, but it appears to be an enjoyable camp. Today, we'll get a better idea of whether it'll follow in the footsteps of "Painted With Love" or "Baker Boys."

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