Obey Me Manhwa: Obedience, But not as a Choice?

Obey Me Manhwa explores forbidden loves with the deepest of passions and even some wild fetishes. Obey Me , is illustrated masterfully by Milknono.

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Manhwa is getting increasingly popular in recent times amongst Anime and Manga fans. Simply put, Manhwa is a Korean comic, which is written and illustrated in Korea. It is the term used generally in Korea to refer to comics, printed cartoons, and animated cartoons.

Outside their motherland, they are also referred to as South Korean Comics as well. The terms Manhwa, Manga, and Manhua mean “Comics” in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese respectively.

The most notable difference between Manga and Manhwa is that Manhwa comes in full color throughout every page of the comic. While there are significant other differences in style and format, it’s not common for them to be considered as a subcategory of Manga by some.

Many fans have come to actively read them online, with the same passion as they have for Manga.  Just like Manga, Manhwa expands through all types of genres in many forms.

There is something for every type of fan with even the most intricate interests. Gaining popularity as of late is the Manhwa equivalents of the Yuuri and Yaoi series.

Abbreviated as GL and BL respectively for Girls Love and Boys Love, these comics focus on stories featuring romantic and/or sexual relationships between the same gender.

Obey Me Manhwa explores forbidden loves with the deepest of passions and even some wild fetishes. Obey Me, is a Manhwa written by Rusena and illustrated masterfully by Milknono from Korea.

It is also considered a vivid webtoon. It follows themes like BL, Yaoi, Kidnapping, LGBT, NEETs, Obsessive Love, Possessive Love, Criminal, Bondage, and Psychology.

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As such it showcases some explicit content like Bullying, Sex, GL & BL, Mature themes, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Suicide, Violence, Domestic Abuse, and Self-harm.

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Series which are similar to Obey Me include; Fate Makes No Mistakes, Down And Dirty, Put a Smile On, Escape Ray, An Easy Target, Killing Stalking, Warehouse, and World’ End.

As such this Manhwa includes somewhat triggering content, with graphic representations of violence, imprisonment, bondage, and rape. Approach with caution and know what one would be getting themselves into.


So what’s Obey Me Manhwa about? The main character Jinyoo has quite an unfortunate life. Having grown up with an abusive father in the midst of getting bullied so many, his life is simply a living hell.

Due to these traumatic experiences, he keeps himself isolated like a hermit. Could it get any worse for him? Well, life was never meant to be a smooth ride for him, as he falls from the frying pan into the fire when he gets kidnapped by one of his high school classmates.

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Gyuh-wool had grown a twisted obsession over him, and following this kidnapping he became Jinyoo’s abuser, rapist, sexual dominator, and mutilator.

As unfair as life seems to Jinyoo, he resolves to survive and the only way to do so is to obey Gyuh-wool’s every command, becoming his slave and sex toy.

Obey Me has quite an amazing art style, coupled up with a pretty decent story too. Even the ending is on a clean note. Readers follow Jinyoo’s difficult life throughout the story and how he copes.

Aside from the guilty pleasures derived from it, the Psychology associated with the characters is also pretty interesting and well written. Sounds pretty good and intense? Well hop on the wagon and give this Manhwa a go!