Nodame Cantabile Manga: Worth Reading?

Nodame Cantabile Manga: Worth Reading?

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Nodame Cantabile Manga is a series which is written as well as drawn by the author Tomoko Ninomiya. The publication and production of the manga in Japan started by Kodansha in the magazine in the year 2001 till the year 2009 and is arranged into 23 volumes or chapters. Nodame Cantabile Manga starts with the main character whose name is Shinichi Chiaki, he has an attitude and is a multilingual perfectionist, and he is the top student at Momogaoka College of Music and he is already set his dreams to become a conductor. He is born into a musical family and is well versed in piano as well as violin and had travelled various places in the world, his phobia of airplanes and ocean is very interesting as it makes it hard for him to travel another place.

Nodame in contast is a piano student who is quite mischievous in nature. She dont like to play by musical notes but rather by listening through ears which eventually make her sloppy or is regarded as sloppy. Nodame and chiaki meets by accident by soon nodame fells in love with chiaki and ut takes time for nodame to get through his ear based playing.During their journey they meets many new people and make new friends and their relationship began to develop.

Chiaki beacause of nodame gets the opportunity to lead an orchestra and soon develops the havitbto enjoy others music way. Dur to Chiaki Nodame faces the fear of chiaki and enters one of piano competition being commenced. They soon starts to take risks and soon grows into beautiful characters. Nodame helps in every way to treat the phobia after graduation and got successful in doing so.Nodame there continues for piano studies at the Conservatoire de Paris while Chiaki her career as a conductor. They keep in touch with there friends from Japan and soon encounters new rivals at Europe.

In the first arc of the manga we meet Shinchi Chiaki and Megumi Noda who are different students at music school chiaki have phobia regarding flight and ocean and at the end with the help of nodame she overcomes it. Nodame on the ither hand is opposite of chiaki he tends to play by relying on his ears. His house is quite messy. Through fate nodame meets chiaki and ends in falling in love with her he is the one who helps in overcoming her phobia. They soon began to notice each other’s strengths and weaknesses under the same teacher.

Nodame Cantabile Manga is a cute story about nodame and chiaki how they meet each other how they fell in pive with each other and the story progresses with both travelling to different places around the globe and how they progress through time. Nodame turns to conductor and chiaki a violinist and a talented one. They both looks good together and there quite scenes in the anime adaptation which makes it intriguing. In the anime adaptation there are various flaws too related to sound but overall it is a good manga to read.