5 Interesting Facts About Nezuko Kamado

Her oldest brother, Tanjiro Kamado, also survived, who vowed to avenge the death of their family and to rescue Nezuko back to normal

5 Interesting Facts About Nezuko Kamado

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Nezuko Kamado was the only daughter who survived a demon attack on her family. But meanwhile, she had become a demon. Her oldest brother, Tanjiro Kamado, also survived, who vowed to avenge the death of their family and to rescue Nezuko back to normal.

Both are the main protagonists in Kimetsu No Yaiba or Demon Slayer. She was just like Tanjiro, her brother. Even he was very caring and protective of his sister. Nezuko has achieved enormous prominence as a character due to her distinctive and innocent characteristics.

1. Nezuko’s Eye Colour

Nezuko's Pink Eyes
Nezuko's Pink Eyes 

In the beginning, Nezuko had typical red eyes when she was a human. Then, as she transformed into a demon, the hue of her eyes turned pink. The pink eyes and the pink Kimino dress are the indications of the instincts of changing into a devil.

That can still be seen as a symbol of innocence and well-being under the strain of the present condition. She also had sharp nails and fangs, which added to her situation.

2. Demon Form & Features

Nezuko Demon Form
Nezuko Demon Form

Nezuko was undeniably quite different from the other demons. She was still in control of her feelings. She was really passionate and compassionate despite becoming a demon, and even after being a demon, she wanted to help others. Nezuko didn’t have to feed on humans to obtain energy; sleeping as long as humans allowed her to recover. After she became a demon, she still had all the memories of her family.

Nezuko can be turned into another form of a demon. When she was in a berserk state, her strength grew tremendously. To settle her down, Tanjiro sung the lullaby mother who used to sing for them. The symptoms were reduced and Nezuko returned to normal.

3. In Sunlight – The Chosen Demon

Nezuko tanjiro kamado
The Chosen One

Nezuko was very different from the rest of the demons. In the day when the sun was on, she was able to move easily. Like the vampires, though, most demons were only able to move in the night. They can’t resist the sunshine. But the sun did not cause her a single burn.

Because of this feature, she was able to walk in broad daylight; she was called The Chosen Demon by Muzan. He was one of the demons who came after Nezuko because of this feature. He wanted to gain this ability to walk in the day. Muzan was desperately seeking to consume her. He assumed that if he consumed Nezuko, he would acquire the ability to walk in the daytime.

4. Her Name- Symbolism

tanjiro kamado demon attack
Winter Mountain Area

The Kamado family lived in an area where the tops of the mountains were covered with snow. We may conclude that it was the winter season. Since Nezuko partly means snowball flower, and that flower has especially blossomed in the winter. We may assume that she was named after the flower. We cannot forget about her personality as well. She turned out to be as soft and loving as her name.

In Japan, though, people are quite often named after flowers. Like Himawari, Sakura, Nezuko, of course.

5. Uncommon Demon

tanjiro kamado
Nezuko gaining energy through sleep.

Nezuko is not the same as the other demons. When she became one, she still retained all her human abilities and characteristics. She always had that serene, compassionate, gentle spirit.

She did not survive on human flesh and blood. She used to sleep to recover and regain energy.  Her body regenerated rapidly in contrast to other demons. Her regeneration was equivalent to that of the Upper Moon Demon.