8 New Upcoming Kdramas of February 2022

Which Korean dramas made it on your list?

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8 New Upcoming Kdramas of February 2022

It’s a brand new month which means whole new Kdramas to enjoy. Some of the ongoing Kdramas have finished airing. The sadness when a drama is over is unfathomable but the excitement of watching new dramas is immeasurable. Some of our favorite actors are making a comeback with brand new projects in 2022.

Let’s welcome the dramas and support them. Let’s check out some of the new upcoming Kdramas airing in February 2022! Which Kdrama made it on your list? Which Kdrama has your attention! Have fun waiting to watch them.

1. Business Proposal

The SBS drama will replace Our Beloved Summer Kdrama. The story of Business Proposal is quite intriguing, although a bit cliched. The girl goes as a stand-in for her friend on a blind date.

She meets the CEO of the company where she’s employed. What a twist of fate!  There is a potential marriage contract theme so let’s wait to see how it turns out. The cast of Business Porpsal is another reason why you wanna check out the Kdrama. Starring Ahn Yeo Seop, Kim Se Jeong (School 2017),  Kim Min Kyu (Snowdrop), Seol In Ah (Mr Queen).

2. Thirty Nine

Thirty Nine is a JTBC drama showing the lives of three friends aged 39. The Kdrama will air from 16th February 2022, after Artificial city. The show gives a mixed vibe of different drama, but hope it turns out a soothing drama!

Waiting for Thirty-Nine Kdrama starring Son Ye Jin (Crash Landing on You), Jeon Mi Do (Hospital Playlist), Kim Ji Hyun (Hometown Cha Cha Cha/Artificial City) and others.

3. Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

TvN dramas have their own appeal and a new month without a TvN drama would be so mean! Nam Ji Hyuk will be back with Twenty-Five, Twenty-One. The plot is set during the times of the Korean Financial crisis.

The FL is a part of the fencing team and goes through difficulties to become a member of the national team. There's also a love story plot between the main leads. The male lead lost his wealthy lifestyle and ended up living the difficulties and harshness to become a sports reporter.

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One is definitely on the list. The other casts include Kim Tae Ri (Mr Sunshine), Bona, Choi Hyun Wook (Taxi Driver), and others.

4. Forecasting Love and Weather

The JTBC drama will air on 12 February 2022. Forecasting Love and Weather will star Park Min Young and Song Kang in the lead roles. The romance drama is set in the office of the National weather service.

The combination of cold and free spirit main leads will be worth watching.  The cast includes Yoon Park and Yura as well and their characters are pretty interesting as well. Forecasting Love and Weather will be available on Netflix!

5. Grid

Ghost and a crime drama?! The combination seems too unique. The ghost will emerge after 24 years to help a serial killer escape! This makes us wonder why did the ghost help such a person. Everyone involved will chase the ghost for their motives. The role of the ghost is played Lee Si Young.

Seo Kang Joon will be back with Grid in 2022. The cast of Grid is pretty interesting. Kim Moo Yool and Lee Si Young had previously worked in My Beautiful Bride, it will be a reunion for them. Kim Sung Kyun and Kim Ah Jung are the main casts of Grid as well. Grid will be airing on Disney+.

6. I Haven't Done My Best Yet

I Haven't Done My Best Yet is based on the manga series Ore Wa Mada Honki Dashitenai Dake by Shunjo Aono. There’s a 2013 Japanese movie as well by the name of I'll Give It My All ... Tomorrow.

The story of the Kdrama will follow the manga mostly. It’s a story of a person who suddenly quits his job and decides to become a webtoon artist. Park Hae Joon will portray the main role. Veteran actor Kim Kap Soo (Hospital Playlist), Park Jung Young, and others are also in the Kdrama.

7. Kill Heel

A new female-centric drama by TvN. The story will show the three female leads working in the Home Shopping show. Kill Heel will air on 23 February 2022. The different women, all are ambitious and want to work towards changing their lives.  The main casts are Kim Ha Neul, Lee Hye Young, and Kim Sung Ryoung.

8. Juvenile Justice

Another new Netlfix Kdrama is just what we need. Juvenile Justice is high on the watchlist judging from the trailers and cast. Hyena famed Kim Hye Soo will make her come back with Juvenile Justice. She plays the role of an elite judge with an unfriendly personality.

She works in a juvenile court where she will deliver her own justice to punish the offenders. Kim Moo Yool will star in the Juveline Justice Kdrama as well. Excited to see him in two projects in 2022. Veteran actors Lee Sung Min and Lee Jung Eun will be part of the cast as well.

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