8 New Upcoming Kdrama Worth Watching | March 2022 Edition

Brand new Kdramas releasing in March 2022! Which dramas are you excited to watch?

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8 New Upcoming Kdrama Worth Watching | March 2022 Edition

With the arrival of a brand new month, here come brand new Korean dramas. Some of the actors are making the 2022 comeback with new plots and interesting roles. Which upcoming new Kdrama in March 2022 will be on your list? Let’s check them out!

1. Military Prosecutor Doberman

The combination of two opposite personalities, different backgrounds and different motivations working together to become military prosecutors.

The new upcoming TvN drama starring Ahn Bo Hyeon (Yumi’s cells) and Jo Bo Ah (The Tale of the Nine Tailed)  in main roles.  Military Prosecutor Doberman seems pretty interesting. Releasing on 28th February 2022.

2. The King of Pigs

The March 2022 Kdrama is a remake of the 2011 movie The King of Pigs. Excited for a new Kim Dong Wook Kdrama. The You are My Spring, Find Me in Your Memory (and others) famed actor is back with The King of Pigs in 2022.

The plot of The King of the Pigs seems complicated and dark. The person who was traumatised by school violence suppresses his feelings, only to face the situation when the feelings resurface again. The person connected to his past, now a detective get involves in the case.

What is the connection between the mysterious messages and the murders? The King of Pigs is airing on 15th March 2022, be sure to check out the drama.

3. The Present in Beautiful

8 New Upcoming Kdrama Worth Watching | March 2022 Edition

The 50 episode drama will replace Young lady and Gentleman. The ensemble cast of The Present is Beautiful is motivating enough to watch this drama. The KBS drama will star Yoon Si Yoon, Oh Min Suk, Bae Da Bin, Seo Beom Joon and others.

The Kdrama is centred around three brothers who aren’t looking to settle down; no marriage no dating prospects.  The family offers a unique offer to the first person to settle down. It seems like a  hilarious plot, hope the drama turns out good. Waiting for The Present in Beautiful!

4. Soundtrack #1

Disney+ is offering so many interesting Kdramas. Another brand new drama in the platform starring Park Hyung Sik. it’s a romantic drama about two friends who start living together due to certain circumstances.

The 4 episode Kdrama Soundtrack #1 is airing soon. My Name famed actress Han So Hee plays the female lead. Looking forward to Soundtrack #1!

5. Tomorrow

The Queen is back!!!! The most exciting and worth waiting drama of 2022 & march is Tomorrow. The MBC Kdrama starring Kim Hee Seon, SF9 Ro Woon, Lee So Hyuk, Yoon Jo On, Kim Chae Eun and others are the main cast.

Tomorrow shows the story of the Crisis Management Team for angels or death (Shikigamai anyone!!!). The crisis management team prevents suicidal people from attempting to die.  A new member will join them after an accidental encounter. Tomorrow Kdrama is totally on the list!

6. Why Her?

Another masterpiece Kdrama worth waiting for. The new MBC drama starring Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Yeop, and Heo Joon Heo is set in the law firm /legal drama. A talented lawyer gets demoted to work as a law school professor.

Minus, the romance plot, the drama is worth adding the lsit. Why Her? Kdrama will be an interesting watch!

7. Crazy Love

Another new Kdrama from Disney+, Crazy Love will air on March 7. Crazy Love will replace Moonshine drama. The main pair is very unique starring Kim Jae Wook and Krystal.

The story is quite unique but at the same time a combination of different plots. The typical narcissistic boss meets a good secretary but with a twist. Waiting for Crazy Love Kdrama for the story to unfold.

8. A superior Day

When it comes to OCN drama, nothing can go wrong. The 8 episode Korean drama is based on a webcomic by Team Getname. The story is thrilling and exciting with a great cast.

A Superior Day starring Jin Goo, Lee Won Geun, Ha Do Kwon, and others. It seems like a revenge drama with a twist. Facing a daunting situation, a man is forced to choose between the life of his daughter or killing a serial killer. The serial killer in question happens to his next-door neighbour.

What choice will he make?  A superior Day is totally on the list! It will be surprising to see Lee Won Geum in a different role.

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