13 New Korean Dramas Watchlist in September 2022!

Which new Korean dramas in September 2022 are worth adding to the watchlist?

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13 New Korean Dramas Watchlist in September 2022!

Feeling heartbroken with the ending of Alchemy of Souls and needing some new dramas to get over it? September 2022 is just the right month with so many dramas airing this month. Some of the actors are making their comeback after a long time, while some dramas which have been getting postponed are finally getting released soon! Enjoy and pick your fair share of your favourite upcoming new Kdramas!

1. Little Women

The TvN/Netflix Kdrama Little Woman has a very stellar cast. Starring Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Ji Hu, Uhm Ki Joon, Wi Ha Joon and others. The Kdrama was quite appealing and had the perfect balance of good plot and cliffhangers. The story of three sisters who have a very harsh life due to poverty and troublesome parents and how their lives change while dealing with the richest and most influential people.

2. Once Upon a Small Town

The story of Once Upon a Small Town will show the life of the protagonist running the vet clinic on behalf of his grandfather for half a year. Red Velvet’s Joy is making her drama comeback in the role of a police officer who helps others in Heedong Village.

3. Narco-Saints

The Netflix series Narco-Saints will be airing on September 9. Based on a true story of a drug smuggling ring in Suriname, the story will follow the protagonist helping the NIS to catch the drug king. The trailers were quite interesting and the Kdrama is worth the wait.

4. Mental Coach Jegal

The TvN drama will finally air in September 12. Mental Coach Jegal will show the story of Jegal Gil working as a mental coach after causing a ban for the Taekwondo team. Working as a mental coach, Jung Woo is playing the role of Coach Jegal.

5. Blind

Another brand new TvN drama starring TaecYeon, Ha Seok Jin and Jung Eun Ji. Blind revolves around serial murder cases involving jury members. TeacYeon plays the role of an enthusiastic detective with the highest arrest rate. Ha Seok Jin, plays the role of a smart judge and also the brother of the male protagonist. While Jung Eun Ji will portray the role of a social worker.

6. Love In Contract

The September month needs to be renamed as TvN month. Another new drama on TvN, Love In Contract is definitely must watch. Park Min Young, Ko Gyung Po and Kim Jae Young is main roles. The female protagonist gets involved in a marriage contract with two people for an alternate set of days. The trailers were quite promising featuring the love triangle.

7. May It Please The Court

A brand new law drama to get over Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The drama does give a Why Her Kdrama vibe, but it’s quite different. A famous ace attorney in the biggest law firm gets nearly suspended. As she started working as a public defender, she meets the male protagonist who graduated at the top of his class and willingly works as a public defender. They do not get along and get involved in a murder case.

8. Seasons of Blossom

The popular Webtoon Seasons of Blossom is getting the Kdrama adaptation. Seasons of Blossom will show the story of five students from Seoyeon High. Currently, the third season is ongoing, the drama might show the story of Ha Min and Bo Mi. Di check out the Kdrama and the webtoon while the episode airs!

9. The Golden Spoon

The MBC drama starring Yook Sung Jae has quite an interesting premise. Yook Sung Jae’s character is a high school student living in poverty who has a chance to change his fate with the Golden Spoon. His life will change and so will his background and parents when he has 3 meals with the golden spoon at high rich friend’s house.

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September 2021 Korean Dramas

10. One Dollar Lawyer

Namkooong Min is back!!!! The new SBS drama One Dollar Lawyer will air on September 23. The lawyer charges $1 as his fee to fight against rich and expensive clients. Namkoong Min’s character is skilled and changes the life of the female protagonist who works at a prestigious law firm.

11. The Empire

The JTBC drama The Empire will revolve around power and wealth due to a law background. The FL is an excellent prosector who is often looked down on because of her powerful family background. The story will focus on law, power might be family scandals and how the FL breaks through the shadows of her powerful family.

12. Three Bold Siblings

The KBS drama Three Bold Siblings will focus on the Kim Household. The ML meets the FL after a long time due to an accident. The warm-hearted but hot-tempered FL with a responsible and popular actor, the plot may seem cliche but hoping for the best starring Lee Ha Na (Voice) and Lim Ju Hwan!

13. The Law Cafe

The drama will finally air on September 5. Lee Seul Gi and Lee Se Young will star in the Law Cafe offering coffee and legal advice to people. Unemployed previously worked as a prosecutor working with his long-time crush and lawyer who quit. Quite a story and unique pairing!  Stay tuned for Law Cafe!

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