7 New Kdramas Worth watching in August 2022!

What are some of the new Kdramas worth checking out in August 2022?

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7 New Kdramas Worth watching in August 2022!

Currently, in the second half of 2022, the month of August has yet again brought some good Korean drama for fans. With the immense popularity of Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Alchemy of Souls currently ongoing and nearing completion which other Kdramas can fill the gaping hole of these dramas?

Currently, Lee Jong Suk’s Big Mouth and Ji Sung’s Adamas released last month are worth the watch. What are some of the new Kdramas worth checking out in August 2022? If you’re curious check out these brand new Kdramas! Which actors are making a comeback in 2022?

7. Today's Webtoon

One of the interesting Kdrama watches of August 2022 is Today’s Webtoon starring Kim Se Jeong and Choi Daniel in main roles. Kim Se Jeong aka Shin Ha Ri (Business Proposal) is back to entertain us in the role of On Ma Eum, an experienced Judo player who has started working for the webtoon department.

Interestingly, the Kdrama is adapted from the 2016 Japanese Drama Juhan Shuttai! Today’s Webtoon is pretty unique and interesting based on the first few episodes. Do check it out! If you love webtoons, this drama shows some of the relevant issues faced by the authors.

6. Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist

The new Kdrama set in the historical Joseon era starring Kim Min Jae, Kim Hyang Gi and Kim Sang Kyun in the main roles is worth the shot.

A psychiatrist in the Joseon era is definitely a new concept and watching Kim Min Jae as Yoo Se Poong getting embroiled in the palace conspiracy was hard to watch.

Nevertheless, the royal physician now works in a beautiful village to treat people. Kim Min Jae never disappoints, so Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist is very high on the watchlist! The entire cast of the drama is quite diverse and colourful!


This seems like a very unexplored and new concert for Kdramas. The drama is centred around the stock market and mysterious trading meetings. The Kdrama Stockstruck will air on 12th August 2022 featuring the lives of five different people and their involvement with the stock market.

Han Ji Eun (Bad and Crazy) plays the role of Yoo Mi Seo who has lost a lot of money. Hong Jong Hyun’s character seems very mysterious and makes us curious. Hope the drama becomes a hit!


The 12 episode series Unicorn will air on 26th August 2022. The Kdrama is totally up on the wishlist due to Shin Ha Kyun. It will be interesting to watch him in a comedy role as the story will be based on a sitcom comedy format.

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The plot of Unicorn revolves around Steve, the CEO of a start-up company and his struggles with the management of the crew. The combination of chaotic energy by Steve and his intelligent worker Ashley played by Won Jin A will be a good watch!

3. Love by Law

7 New Kdramas Worth watching in August 2022!

Airing on 29th August, Love By Law brings us a very unique pairing. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young play the main roles in Love By Law. the drama is centred around law and legal areas, so it might face some direct comparison and competition to Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

However, the premise is very different so the drama will be worth the wait. A smart ex-prosecutor who quit and a woman driven by the justice who also worked as a lawyer quits one day.

The concept of Law Cafe will be unique in the Kdrama. The drama is based on the webcomic of the same name created by No Seung A. Waiting for Love By Law, the drama replacing Cafe Minamdang.

2. A Model Family

It’s impossible that Netflix won’t release a new drama for fans in August. Netflix is back with A Model Family Kdrama starring Jung Woo (Reply 1994 famed Ssuregi) and Park Hee Soon (My Name).

The 10-episode series is based on the chaotic and troublesome life of Dong Ha played by Jung Woo. Dong Ha is going through a divorce and to boot it off, his involvement with a drug ring will cause enough headache for him and his family.

The trailers looked pretty promising showing the struggles and emotions faced by Dong Ha as he gets engaged with the dangerous Gwang Cheol played by Park Hee Soon. A Model Family is releasing on August 12, so mark your calendars!

1. If You Wish Upon Me

One of the most anticipated Korean dramas of August 2022 is Ji Chang Wook’s If You Wish Upon Me. The trailer will pique your curiosity as Ji Chang Woo, Sung Dong Il and Sooyoung will charm us in the Kdrama.

The drama is set in a hospice where Ji Chang Wook’s character volunteers. Yoon Gyeo Rye had experienced hardships in life and somehow ended up working as a volunteer.

The plot and characters seem very unique so hoping the drama to air soon! The drama is inspired by the Ambulance Wish Foundation which operates in the Netherlands (and the UK) granting wishes to terminally ill patients through a charity program. The story itself feels heartwarming and tear-jerking!

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