New Kdramas To Binge-Watch | May 2022

New K-dramas for May 2022. Happy Binge-Watching.

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New K-dramas for May 2022. Happy Binge-Watching

We've said our goodbyes to April and welcomed May in the blink of an eye. While productivity is important for success, don't forget to take a break now and again. The highly anticipated fantasy music drama The Sound Of Magic is among the new Korean dramas you shouldn't miss in May 2022.

Green Mother’s Club

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Green Mothers Club 

When five mothers meet at their children's primary school, they quickly become fast friends as they support one another through the challenges of parenting, and their bond grows beyond solidarity to become a true friendship through all of life's difficulties.

Bloody Heart

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Bloody Heart 

The historical fiction drama Bloody Heart features Lee Tae, an ambitious king.

Lee Tae's father was the king before he ascended to the throne. His father, on the other hand, had deposed his predecessor in order to acquire power. Now that Lee Tae has ascended to the throne, he is driven by avarice. Additionally, he has a myopic view of his people.

No matter what it takes, he wants to be the supreme leader. However, Park Gye-won, his knowledgeable right-hand man, does not endorse Lee Tae because he sees more possible risks than rewards.

Lee Tae falls in love with Yoo Jung, who hails from a reputable and noble family, in the midst of the quest for greater power through corrupt methods.

Goo Pil-soo Is Not There

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Goo Pil-soo Is Not There is a film that revolves around two characters, Goo Pil-soo and Jung Seok, who are in distinct yet similar stages of their lives. Pil-soo is in his forties and lives with his family in a basic manner. He makes a living as a bartender, but he has a nagging feeling that there is more to life than just getting by.

Furthermore, he had a taste of what it was like to be successful in life — he used to be a professional boxer who revelled in the spotlight. Jung Seok, on the other hand, is in his twenties. As a child, he saw his parents struggle with money on a regular basis.

It Isn't Goo Pil-soo A film is about two characters, Goo Pil-soo and Jung Seok, who are in different stages of their lives yet are quite similar. Pil-soo is in his forties and has a simple life with his family. He makes a living as a bartender, but he has the uneasy feeling that there is more to life than just surviving.

He also got a taste of what it was like to be successful in life, having previously worked as a professional boxer who thrived in the limelight. Jung Seok, on the other hand, is a twenty-year-old man. He observed his parents struggle with money on a regular basis as a child.

Woori The Virgin

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Oh-Woori works as an assistant scriptwriter and is dedicated to Lee Kang-Jae, her boyfriend. Woori is resolved to stay a virgin until she marries, despite being in a serious relationship with him.

She finds out she's pregnant at a medical check-up at the OB-GYN, though. To make matters worse, the child belongs to a stranger called Raphael, not her boyfriend.

Woori became pregnant as a result of the doctor's catastrophic mistake, it turns out. What is Woo-ri going to do now?

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Eun Gye-twin hoon's sister had been missing for two decades. He hasn't given up hope, however, and has opened a restaurant near where his sister was last seen.

He's having a hard time coping with his feelings of longing and uncertainty. But one day, he finds himself literally sharing Noh Da-hyun's emotions.

Gye-hoon finds himself in a cheerful mood when she is joyful. When Da-Hyun is suffering, he bears the same emotional burden that she does. What kind of relationship may they have?

Doctor Lawyer

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Doctor Lawyer 

After having one's medical license revoked, how competent must one be to become a lawyer? Han Yi-Han was once regarded as one of the country's greatest surgeons. However, with the untimely death of his patient, his career comes crashing down.

He's now working as a lawyer with a specific goal in mind. He works with medical malpractice victims to ensure that others do not suffer the same suffering that he has had during the last four years. He's determined to learn the truth about how his patient died in his hands, in addition to dealing with victims from all walks of life.

One day, he teams up with a public prosecutor who turns out to be a relative of the patient who died while in Yi-Han's care. What will become of their relationship? Will Han Yi-Han discover the truth and resume his practice of medicine?

The Witch Is Alive

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The Witch Is Alive 

The Witch Is Alive is a darkly comedic drama about a group of friends who all face difficulties in their lives.

Gong Ma-Ri's life could not be better: she is happily married, and she effortlessly fulfils her role as a mother to her daughter. Her peaceful life is shattered, however, when she discovers that her spouse is cheating on her.

Ma-ri resolves to end her marriage in the most brutal way she can to her spouse after much thought. Chae Hee-future soo's is determined after she marries her husband, who hails from a chaebol (a family-owned business) — or so she believed.

Her marriage is in shambles, and her mother-in-law is suffering from Alzheimer's. As a result, Hee-soo is obligated to stay at home and care for her. Hee-Soo's mother-in-law gives her an offer that is both perilous and appealing in the midst of her gruelling life. Will she accept or reject the offer?

Following the death of her husband, Yang Jin-ah becomes wealthy overnight. She tries everything she can to protect the money she received from her late husband's life insurance payout. However, the prospect of losing the money makes her feel uneasy and apprehensive.


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Eve Kdrama 

Following her parents' divorce, Lee Ra-el goes from hero to zero. Despite being from a chaebol family, she loses everything, including her fortune and prospects.

She seeks vengeance on her parents after discovering that their divorce was the product of an outside entity attempting to harm her family.

She carries out her plan of vengeance with the help of Seo Eun-Pyung, a human rights lawyer who is hopelessly in love with Ra-el. He joins the National Assembly, determined to wield as much authority as possible for her.

The Sound Of Magic

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If Peter Pan's story were to be adapted into a Korean drama, it would most likely be similar to The Sound Of Magic.

The musical fantasy drama, directed by the brains behind Itaewon Class (2020), follows a magician named Rieul. The protagonist is a mystery in and of himself; he lives in an abandoned amusement park and refuses to grow up.

He meets Yoon Ah-Yi, who is the polar opposite of him, one day. She can't afford to take things slowly like Rieul because she has to deal with family concerns while still getting decent scores.

When Rieul notices Ah-sad Yi's expression, he performs magic tricks to cheer her up and provide her with a brief respite from the harsh reality.

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