List of 10 Upcoming New Kdramas in June 2022 Worth Watching!

Which new Kdramas made it into the list for June 2022?

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Which new Kdramas made it into the list for June 2022?

The sixth month of 2022 is here bringing us brand new drama. Some dramas were pushed to a different date, and some are shifted to the next quarter.  Some Kdramas are finally getting released in June 2022.

So many favorites this month that it will be definitely hard to pick out the best Kdramas this season. Some of the ambitious and fan favorite Kdrama will be returning so gear up and be ready to have a good Kdrama watch session only in June 2022. Without further wait, let’s check out the Kdramas airing this month.

10. Jinxed at First

Jinxed at First

The upcoming new Kdrama starring Na In Woo and Seohyun is based on a popular webcomic. Jinxed at First Kdrama will replace Love All Play Kdrama. Another beautiful Kdrama will be ending. Jinxed at First (Jinxed Lover) is based on two individuals who are involved with each other. The male protagonist gets bad luck from the Fl, while she has the ability to see people’s future. The story seems cliche and reminds us of the overused plot of the previous few Kdramas, but let's hope Jinxed at First has something new to offer. The new KBS drama will air on June 15.

9. Eve


Actress Seo Yi Ji will be back with the TvN Drama Eve on 1st June. Eve is a story of revenge, conspiracy, and tragedy. The FL witnessed her father’s death and prepares for a long time for her revenge. We can sense some angst but hope the drama has a positive ending.

8. Alchemy of Souls

Alchemy of Souls

The TvN Kdrama Alchemy of Souls gives off a Bulgasal vibe with the historical and mystical plus supernatural appeal. Alchemy of Souls will also be a DP actors’ Kdrama reunion with Lee Jae Wook and Shin Seung Ho.

The Kdrama will show the story of two characters with the concept of dead and living souls. The troublemaker meets the teacher/elite warrior who will teach him to fight. It’s a TvN drama, so the expectations are quite high from the trailer.

7. Insider


The trailers of Insider have us wrecked and waiting for a long time. Actor Kang Ha Neul is making a comeback after a long time since 2019, with his last project When the Camelia Blooms.

In 2022, the actor will be starring in Insider Kdrama. The judicial apprentice ends up in a trap and lands in prison. This gave off the Defendant vibe, but it’s definitely a different drama. Excited for 8th June when Insider Korean drama stars airing on JTBC.

6. Why Her?

Why Her?

Finally, after so many delays, Why Her? Kdrama will air on SBS on June 3. Why Her? Will replace Again My Life Kdrama. The weekends would be so empty without this masterpiece. Anyhow, Why Her drama will be returned for Seo Hyun Jin. Her dramas never disappoint.

The popular lawyer gets involved in an expected case which leads to her demotion.  The FL starts working as a professor at law school where she meets someone unexpected. Hwang In Seop (True Beauty/ Sound of Magic) will play the male lead.

Link: Eat Love Kill

Another high expectation drama on TvN. A new pairing of Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ka Young in Link: Eat Love Kill has us excited. The ML lost his twin sister 20 years ago. To find her he opens a restaurant in the hopes of meeting her sister again. He meets a woman who lacks luck and has bad taste in men. Suddenly, he starts to feel her emotions and pain. Gear up for Link: Eat Love Kill on 6th June.

4. Doctor Lawyer

Doctor Lawyer

Wish June 3rd could arrive soon so we can watch So Ji Sub in Doctor Lawyer Kdrama. The famous surgeon got involved in an incident that lead to getting his medical license revoked. Now he works as a lawyer specializing in medical cases. The cast is pretty appealing with Shin Sung Rok, Im Soo Hyang, Lee Joo Bin, and others.

3. The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate

Reborn Rich

Actor Song Joong Ki is back in 2022 with  The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate Kdrama. Airing on 22nd June on JTBC, the drama is adapted from the popular web novel. The ML will die and transmigrate in the body of the youngest son of a chaebol, the person responsible for his death in the first place. Now, back from the dead, he’s waiting for revenge. Let’s hope the drama airs in June.

2. Yumi’s Cells Season 2

Yumi’s Cells Season 2

Another perfect Kdrama fans have been desperately waiting for. After the brutal breakup of Yumi with Koo Woong in season 1, Season 2 will focus on a new love interest for Yumi. Will Yumi and Bobby finally have a good love story? Let’s hope the wait is worth it. In case you haven’t watched Season 1 of Yumi’s Cells, now might be a good time to start. Season 2 will air on 10th June.

1. Money Heist Korea

Money Heist Korea

The Kdrama that fans have been desperately waiting for. The popular international drama La Casa de Papel or Money Heist is getting a Korean remake. Squid Game actor  Park Hae Soo will be returning to drama with the role of Berlin. Can’t wait to meet the Korean Professor played by Yoo Ji Tae who is the perfect fit for the cast. The expectations for Money Heist Korea are huge and the show will be airing on Netflix on June 24. Better mark your calendars for Part 1 with 6 episodes airing soon!

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