Netflix Kdrama Nevertheless Ending Explained!

Nevertheless is a South Korean television series starring Han So-Hee, Song-Kang, and Chae Jong-Hyeop.

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One K-drama which was in limelight these days was JTBC's Nevertheless. Nevertheless is a South Korean television series starring Han So-Hee, Song-Kang, and Chae Jong-Hyeop.

It is based on a popular webtoon of the same name which was first published on Naver webtoons. The story revolves around two people who are attracted to each other but are skeptical about the love of their past experiences.

The drama's concept is very unique as it reflects some light on toxic relationships and not those so-perfect love stories we usually see in dramas. The K-drama is based on a webtoon based on the same name.

Usually, the K-dramas which are based on webtoons have a similar ending. If you're someone who has already read the webtoon, you might know how it ends. But the ending of the K-drama is different from that of the webtoon.

Nevertheless Season 1, Episode 10- The Finale.

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The final episode starts with the fight Jae-on and Na-Bi had in the rain. Later, Jae-on is seen crying in the rain and Na-bi is seen crying in her bedroom. Instead, we hear Jae-on's thoughts, rather than Na-bi's. Jae Ohn's  exact words said, "I think I know now that I’m the one who ruined everything." But the viewers have different opinions about this scene.

It is very obvious it's not Jae-On alone who brought them here. Yes, he was wrong but Na-bi had equal participation in the meaningful yet meaningful relationship. Na-Bi gave her every chance to mess with her life. She could see all the red flags while being with him yet she chose to ignore them.

In the last episode, after the fight, Na-bi started ignoring Jae-on. Fans loved that because it highlights that she is finally asserting herself and not letting him take her for a fool. But once her sculpture breaks, guess who comes to the rescue? Of course, Jae-on. He helps her arrange all the broken pieces of the sculpture and helps her reassemble them by the given deadline for the exhibition.

It was good to see this side of Jae-on but that doesn't mean he's changed or anything. As the episode moves forward, we get to see the potato boy Do-Hyeok with a camera in his hand as he was shooting his Youtube vlog.

While he was shooting, two girls come up to him and praise him for his work on his Youtube channel. It was nice to see Do-Hyeok getting this attention as he deserves it.

If you all remember the first episode, the first scene was of Na-bi standing in front of a degrading sculpture that was made on her by her own boyfriend. It turns out Jae-On was at the exhibition the same night she was.

This storyline was not a surprise as we've always seen this "past connection" in K-dramas. He later then saw Na-Bi at the bar but he never believed in fate so he thought it could be purely coincidental.

Throughout the 10 episodes, we saw the students preparing for their exams. The final episode was by far the most interesting one. The fans get to see the exhibition. It was very enormous to watch the exhibition part since it was very beautiful.

Jiwan brings Sol flowers, everyone is in awe of each other’s work and Dohyeok comes with flowers for Nabi. But something’s missing, she’s looking for Jae-eon and once he arrives, she dumps the bouquet back in Dohyeok’s hands. This is the reason why love triangles are frustrating. Dohyeok follows her in tow.

But this scene is important because she finally tells him how happy he makes her, despite choosing Jaeeon over him. He was definitely one of the favourite characters because he was always so kind and considerate but by verbally rejecting him, he finally got the message and respectfully moved on.

The Ending

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As the drama approached the end, we see all the couples getting together. It felt good seeing Bit-Na and Gyun-Pyu, Sol and Ji-wan, and the admins getting together. For once, fans didn't care about Na-Bi and Jae-eon's drama. At last, Na-bi ended up choosing Jae-On.

The title of the episode makes sense too because it tells a story. From “there’s no such thing as love to nevertheless, I still”, it reels us back to the essence of the drama — Nabi was always going to make a mistake for the one she ‘loves’.

In the final scene, she is walking with Jae-on but stops for a second after spotting Dohyeok at a cafe and does nothing, she brushes it off immediately.

Maybe it’s a sign that she is officially over everything? Or are we getting another season with another ending? Who knows?

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