Netflix Squid Game Kdrama Review: It’s Not a Child’s Play Anymore

The 9 episode Netflix Kdrama Squid Game had a promising start but a very disappointing ending.

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The 2021 Netflix Kdrama Squid Game started off with a great premise. The 9 episode Kdrama Squid build our hopes up only to cruelly crush it at the end. Squid Game. In the beginning, Squid Game Kdrama looked like a mashup of Liar Game X Alice in Borderland X Hunger games.  Squid Game intended to deliver but fails miserably at the end. Disclaimer: Squid Games is extremely gory and violent, not for the faint-hearted at all.

The entire setting of Squid Game is in a remote location to cast players or the so-called “People buried in debts” calling to participate in the games. What looked like a child’s games isn’t so childish anymore.  Meet Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Hae), the debt-ridden, gambling addict, the divorced guy who has trouble making ends meet. Cho Sang Woo (Park Hae Soo), an elite graduate from SNU is heavily in debt and even the police are after him.  You get the common gist. Most of the players in Squid Game have a more common variable- deep down in debt.

The characters were likeable and detestable at the same time. Betrayal check, backstabbing double-check, murder; Squid Game will be incomplete with the number of bodies dropping every episode in every game.  Despite Squiq Game is a well-made show, the ending is quite disappointing.

The drama had a huge star cast, and the cameo from Gong Yoo as the mysterious guy challenging Gi Hun for the game was a pleasant surprise. Hwang Jun Ho (Wi Ha Joon) is a cop investigating his brother’s sudden disappearance. He ends up at the Squid Game following Gi Hun and starts investigating the case.

The very first game “Red Light-Green Light” ends up wiping many players. People who break the rules are eliminated as in dead. RIP people. The game was terminated once due to the majority vote but was reconvened when 93% of the initial people returned back due to the prize money.

There were a total of 6 games and there can be one winner. Needless to guess, the final game is the Squid Game and Spoiler Alert; obviously, Gi Hun wins.

What will make you so angry while watching this drama is the weird Kdrama logic that will throw you off. It was pointless for Squid Game to introduce a character like Jun Ho, the cop who’s bravely investigating the super wretched hidden society and searching for his missing brother. Spoiler Aler: poor Jun Ho finds out everything and collects all the evidence but in the end gets killed by his big brother, the masked man.

The masked man or the showrunner of the Squid Game turns out to be his brother played by Lee Byung Hun. The fact that his brother was the ultimate bad guy is convincing and not surprising, but the reasons were never explained, which makes it less mysterious and more disappointing.

The painful moment when a number of people died like Ali who got betrayed by Sang Woo was really heartbreaking. Kang Sae Byeok tried her best and even reached the semi-finals only to be killed by Sang Woo. That guy kills too many people without even the slightest hesitation. The only deaths we won’t feel sad for is Mi Nyeo and Deok Soo dying in the 5th game. She did one good thing, revenge is best served cold!

The ending sucks to be very honest. Squid Game needs a season 2 to explain all the loopholes of Season 1. And we need Jun Ho to be alive, though the chances are quite unlikely.  

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