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a women diving to save a drowning man

After a long wait, finally, one of the most awaited Korean Dramas Tomorrow is finally available. The MBC/Netflix Kdrama Tomorrow is adapted from the popular Webtoon series of the same name. Tomorrow is created by Llama (Ra Ma) which is currently get updated in the Line Webtoon App.

Queen Kim Hee Seon is back with a brand new Kdrama Tomorrow where she plays the role of Koo Ryeon, leader of the Risk Management team. Ro Woon (SF9) is playing the role of Choi Jun Woong who becomes a part of the Risk Management team in the afterlife.

Kinda excited to see Lee Seo Hyuk in the role of Park Joong  Gil, the elite Grim Reaper Team.

Without further ado, let’s check out what Tomorrow Kdrama have for us Kdrama fans. The webtoon of Tomorrow is definitely amazing, hoping the drama would do justice as well.

What is the Risk Management Team?

It was pretty well-paced when Tomorrow Kdrama started. We get a brief description of Lim Ryung Gu played by Yun Ji On, who is part of the same team as Koo Ryeon.

The Risk Management Team is in charge of taking care of humans who have a high risk of suicide.  Lim Ryung Gu informs Koo Ryeon about a group of people trying to commit suicide.

The role was made for Kim Hee Seon as she nails the role from the get-go. There were certain changes from the webtoon as the drama might lean towards a more dramatization effect. Koo Ryeon saves the people as she gave them a scare for life, not that it can be blamed.

What Happened to Choi Jun Woong?

The confident and charming Choi Jun Woong went for an interview only to get axed. Probably due to nepotism or bad luck, poor Choi Jun Woong didn’t get the job he hoped for.

Pretty depressed with another failure, a sad and drunk Choi Jun Woong end up at the bridge.  Maybe it’s his bad luck, he encountered a homeless man trying to commit suicide.

Despite being sad and dejected, Choi Jun Woong intervenes and tries to save the ajhusshi. In the distance, both Koo Ryeon and Lim Ryung Gu were watching the scene.

The face kick was pretty accurate from the webtoons scene. Things escalated and somehow both the ajhusshi and Choi Jun Woong ended up in the river.

Learn from Lim Ryung Gu

One of the best things is getting off work on time. We need to learn from Lim Ryung Gu who is responsible for the 8 hours of work life. Hats off to him for the work-life balance!

As the clock struck 11 PM, the alarm went off, meaning it was time to get off work and kiss goodbye. It was a serious situation yet funny as Lim Ryung Gu was ready to clock out of work as his work cycle was over.

Pretty much an 11 PM Cinderella who values the concept of work-life management.  As Koo Ryeon was getting ready to save the drowned people,  Lim Ryung Gu bid her farewell.

Is Choi Jun Woong Dead?

Koo Ryeon jumped in and saved the Ajusshi and Choi Jun Woong, but there’s a twist coming. Choi Jun Woong is not dead for sure, but he isn’t alive either. Unfortunately for him, he just became comatose.

The happiness to survive was pretty short-lived for Choi Jun Woong as he noticed his unconscious body lying in the hospital bed and his soul out of his body. A quiet Koo Ryeon watched and spoke when she caught his attention.

It didn’t take much for Choi Jun Woong to guess she was a grim reaper. Officially, Koo Ryeon was with the soul management department at Jumadeung serving as a team leader.

Park Joong Gil >>Let’s Scream!!!

Guess who finally makes an appearance. Hell yea! The calm and sexy, cold and definitely suited Park Joong Gil played by Lee Soo Hyuk makes an appearance as he conducts his duty to collect the soul landing straight to hell.

From Vampire to Grim Reaper, Lee Soo Hyuk has a good streak of roles perfectly tailored for him!

Clearly, there’s a dispute between the teams, especially between Park Joong Gil and Koo Ryeon who don’t see eye to eye. He criticizes the risk management team and loathes people who commit suicide, calling it an unforgivable act. While people are bickering, Choi Jun Woong’s fate is hanging by the thread.

What will happen to Choi Jun Woong?

Well, life did a complete 180 degrees for Choi Jun Woong when he met the Jade emperor. The Jade Emperor ( veteran actress Kim Hae Sook) made him an offer he possibly couldn’t refuse or did he?!

It was funny to see Choi Jun Woong casually addressing the Jade Emperor as “Ajhumma”, even though she was baffled. Wait till she transforms and gives Choi Jun Woong a culture shock.

What offer did the Jade Emperor make to Choi Jun Woong?

The Jade Emperor offered Choi Jun Woong to either work in Afterlife for six months or stay in a coma for 3 years. Choi Jun Woong happily denied the offer but later accepted it when he saw his mother suddenly collapse. 

As much as he hates it, he now has to work for the afterlife and much to his surprise or slight discontent, Choi Jun Woong will work with Koo Ryeon’s team.

Together with Koo Ryeon and Lim Ryung Gu, they set out to prevent another suicide attempt. As Koo Ryeon and Choi Jun Woong embark on the journey, they meet their first obstacle. Can Koo Ryeon and Choi Jun Woong safely escape, only time can tell.

Tomorrow Kdrama is currently streaming on Netflix every Friday and Saturday. Don’t work to check out Episodes 1 and 2 now available. Do read the Tomorrow Webtoon as well which is getting a quick update with Season 2 available as well.

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