Netflix Kdrama My Name Review | Who killed Ji Woo's Father?

What's the Netflix drama My Name about?

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Kdrama is taking over the world through Netflix. After Squid Game, it's time for My Name Kdrama. Honestly, My Name is one of the hidden surprising dramas that has a lot to offer.

The best thing about My Name is pretty much everything. In comparison, My Name was quite satisfying and a lot better than Squid Game.

The 8 episode Minidrama has everything you can ever wish for.

My Name presents the classical revenge drama but with a plot twist. One of the best things about My Name was the action-packed scenes, great music, and the cast.

You can't stop yourself from liking the femme fatale Ji Woo who's ready to kick you and beat the crap out of her enemies if they dare to provoke her.

Rather than a weak-willed woman Ji Woo is a strong female protagonist who's not just beauty or brawn, she has a brain as well.

The only sad thing was she was getting hurt and emotionally vulnerable although she never wavered.

Her goal was constantly the same; revenge against the person who is responsible for her father's death.

Beginning of the Revenge

A girl seeks revenge on the killer of her dad. What can possibly go wrong; almost everything. Yoon Ji Woo lost her father on her birthday.

Her father is a gangster and a wanted criminal who was killed by someone; most likely a cop.

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Enraged by her father's death but with no one to ask for help, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Ji Woo tries to track down the criminal but almost gets stabbed.

The person who saved Ji Woo is Choi Mu Jin, her father's friend, and a drug lord. The police have been over him but are unable to catch him due to lack of evidence.

Things get heater when Ji Woo is thrown with a pack of wolves who want to devour her.

As if that was gonna stop the bloodthirsty Ji Woo determined to get stronger to get revenge.  

Things get really nasty when Ji Woo defeats Do Gang Jae in the dog fight and emerges victorious.

Unable to handle the defeat, Gang Jae plans to teach her a lesson and drugs her. Ji Woo acts in self-defense and escapes his clutches, but who will save Gang Jae now.

Mu Jin banishes Gang Jae after wrecking his face as punishment. This displeases his right-hand man Jung Tae Joo who didn't like Ji Woo since the beginning.

The Death of Ji Woo

Following the incident, Mu Jin lets the gang know that Ji Woo was dead, killed by Gang Jae who was excommunicated from Dongcheon.

Ji Woo is dead for the world and starts living as Oh Hye Jin, a mole for Mu Jin sent to the police department.

Why did Ji Woo become a cop?

Hye Jin joins the violent crime department and later transfers to the Narcotics department where she meets Jeon Pil Do, her partner.

Pil Du initially dislikes her and doesn't trust her. She became a cop to hunt down the person who killed her father, possibly someone from the police department; or that's what Mu Jin let her believe.

From the crime scene, Mu Jin retrieved the gun which is issued to policemen. The gun was used to kill Ji Woo's dad.

Hye Jin does end up saving Pil Do's life when Gange Jae ambushes them.  Hye Jin keeps helping Mu Jin and creates suspicion.

She even kills Gang Jae when he was about to reveal her identity to Pil Do. Hye Jin clears the evidence that lets Mu Jin walk away scot-free.

Double Betrayal?

The most shocking twist of My Name was the identity of Ji Woo's dad. He was not a gangster and was working undercover the whole time.

Narcotics chief Cha Gi Ho sent Yoon Dong Hoon (Ji Woo's dad) to work as an undercover agent and spy on Mu Jin. Till the end, it looked like Jang Tae Ju killed her but in reality, it was Choi Mu Jin who killed Ji Woo's father.

Mu Jin discovered Dong Hoon's betrayal and decided to kill her because that's the kind of person he is.

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Even till the end, he doesn't let Ji Woo go and is weirdly obsessed with her.

The ending was justified and bittersweet. Mu Jin emotionally manipulated her till the end. Without any remorse, he twisted Ji Woo and destroyed her life.

In the end, Ji Woo ended up getting revenge on Mu Jin but at the cost of her life which was now destroyed.

She became a fugitive and is now on the run from law enforcement. The drama is full of action scenes and worth the watch!