Netflix Jdrama: Kotaro Lives Alone Review

What is the Jdrama Kotaro Lives Alone based on?

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When it comes to Jdramas, it feels like a distant dream. Watching Jdramas legally or watching them at all feels like a miracle.

J-dramas are infamous for being unsubbed for years. Thanks to Netflix and Japan, fans can now watch the popular Jdrama Kotaro Live Alone exclusively on Netflix.

Kotaro Lives By Himself or Kotaro Lives Alone is based on the manga Kotaro Wa Hitorigurashi by Mami Tatsuma.  

The 10 Episode  2021 Jdrama Kotaro Lives Alone is a heartwarming and bittersweet story about a five-year-old boy living all by himself in an apartment complex.

The drama shows Kotaro's life with Karino, his neighbor, and other people. Kotaro Lives Alone is rated 9.1 in IMDB and is a highly recommended drama.


The popular Netflix Jdrama Kotaro Lives Alone has a multi-star cast with several veteran actors who had guest or support roles.

This slice of life Jdrama was refreshing because of so many talented actors who were part of the project.

  • Yu Yokoyama plays the role of Shin Karino, a talented budding manga artist, also the neighbor of Kotaro.
  • Eito Kawahara stars as Kotaro Sato, a 5-year-old boy who’s renting an apartment to live alone by himself.
  • Maika Yamamoto plays the role of Mizuki Akitomo, another neighbor of Kotaro and Karino.
  • Daigo Nishihata stars as Keisuke Hanawa, the teacher of a primary kindergarten and manages the star class.
  • Kanako Momota plays Ayano Kobayashi, a lawyer who’s in charge of delivering weekly money to Kotaro for living expenses.
  • Katsuhisa Namase as Isamu Tamaru, another neighbor of Kotaro, who’s estranged from his wife and son.
  • Ken Mitsuishi is Makio Suzuno, a lawyer and boss of Kobayashi and acquainted with Kotaro.
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  • Issey Ogata as Ji san, the landlord where Kotaro, Karino, and others live.
  • Koji Okura as Ippei Fukuno, editor and previous in charge of Karino’s manga.
  • Natsuki Deguchi as Toko Futuba, Karino’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Mamiya Shotaro is Aota Manabu, a detective hired by Kotaro’s dad.
  • Tozuka Junki as Raimo Yano, the new in-charge of Karino’s manga.
  • Takito Kenichi is Kotaro’s dad in a cameo.    


Kotaro Live Alone of Kotaro Lives by Himself tells a heartwarming story of Kotaro Sato, a five-year-old child who lives in an apartment all by himself.

Kotaru’s life is shrouded in mystery and as he first moves in he greets his neighbors.

One of them is Karino Shin, a talented unknown manga artist who makes acquaintance with Kotaro.  

As Kotaro tries to live by himself, Karino gets involved with him, he can’t stop worrying about the little boy.

As the Jdrama progresses, we see the relationship between Kotaro and Karino develop. In a sense, they are both guardians of each other.

As the story progresses, characters are introduced and many supporting characters appear in the story and somehow teach Kotaru, Karino, and the viewers an important lesson in life.

Kotaro and Karino meet the next-door neighbor Mizuki, who was getting harassed by her ex-boyfriend.

The early episodes introduce main characters like Keisuke, a naive but caring kindergarten teacher where Kotaro is enrolled.

Kotaro’s neighbor Isamu, appears like a thug but is a very caring person. He gets separated from his wife and son and is prohibited to meet his son.

Kobayashi san is a lawyer who visits Kotaro weekly to deliver the weekly allowance that he receives from his mother’s insurance.

In the beginning, Kobayashi san was uncomfortable meeting Kotaro and didn’t want to do this job, later on, she slowly starts changing.  

Aota is a detective hired by Kotaro’s dad to investigate the whereabouts of Kotaro and tries to meet him.

Initially, Aota seems like he would betray Kotaro, but the show surprises us.

The story had many heartwarming moments and every episode focuses on the people around Kotaro.  

The characters are larger than life, and every character has something to add. The interactions between Kotaro and Karino are priceless.

The actor playing Kotaro will well your heart with his mature and refined actor.

The Jdrama Kotaro Lives By Himself talks about some sensitive topics like domestic violence, dating violence, child abuse, and others.

The supporting characters in Kotaro Lives Alone did an amazing role and almost every single character shined.  

In Kotaro Lives Alone Jdrama, we see different shades of the characters.

The scenes where Kotaro and Karino pouted and acted like the kids they are were quite amusing.

Karino and Kotaro have a strong relationship beyond neighbors.

Throughout the series, we can see how much Karino cares about Kotaro.

Karino’s ex-girlfriend comes and tries to separate Kotaro and Karino using work as a pretext. She went as far as to say that Kotaro was a burden.

Kotaro is a sensible child who dislikes being a burden on anyone else, cuts off Karino, and tries not to become a roadblock.

In reality, Karino wants to succeed because he wants to prove that Kotaro is his strength and not a burden.

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Kotaro Lives Alone presents the everyday life of Kotaro, Karino, and the people around them.

It was a delicate feeling to watch how Kotaro and others were making an impact on each other’s lives.

On the surface it does look like the adults around Kotaro were helping him, but in the larger sense, it’s Kotaro who’s delivering life-learning lessons to people around him.

Kotaro Lives Alone is a Jdrama that is highly recommended.

The slice of life drama is a must-watch and the only sin of the Jdrama is that it’s too short.

Kotaru Lives Alone has 10 episodes, all of them are nearly around 20-23 minutes duration per episode.

The Netflix Jdrama Kotaro Lives Alone ended on a positive note, but fans sure hope there’s a season two soon!

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In Kotaro Lives Alone Jdrama, the characters are funny, emotional, happy, sad and portray a plethora of emotions; some of them are tear-jerking and will make you cry.

Kotaro Lives Alone has a high rewatch value and is perfect for binge-watching or watching with a pause.

Though you probably won’t be able to stop watching when you start Kotaro Lives Alone.

Every episode is beautiful and will make you crave more. Kotaro Live Alone Jdrama is now available on Netflix so happy binging!